A new call for flash fiction

Until 1 December 2017, we are accepting stories up to 1000 words long that draw from the ideas or themes of quantum physics. Stories must also include the phrase "There are only two possibilities: yes or no" which is drawn from the People's Choice winner of Quantum Shorts 2015. 

Follow the links to find more information about how to enter, the contest rules and what prizes are on offer.

Quantum physics, which describes the behaviour of matter at atomic and subatomic scales, has long provided inspiration for artists, writers, film-makers and philosophers. Quantum objects can be in two places or states at once, a phenomenon known as superposition that inspired the famous “Schrödinger’s Cat” paradox. Among its other features is entanglement, where objects such as atoms hold a strange influence over each other, changing each other’s properties without physical contact or signals passing between them. Practically, these phenomena hold promise for building new kinds of computers and sensors, drawing attention and funding from businesses and governments world-wide. Learn more about quantum physics in our inspiration section.

Run by the Centre for Quantum Technologies at the National University of Singapore with a constellation of prestigious media partners and scientific partners, the Quantum Shorts contest series is now in its sixth year. Quantum Shorts has alternated between annual calls for science fiction and science films since 2012.

You can visit the websites of past contests here: Quantum Shorts 2016 | 2015 | 2014 | 2013 | 2012


About the organiser

Centre for Quantum TechnologiesNational University of Singapore


This competition is an initiative of the Centre for Quantum Technologies (CQT) at the National University of Singapore. CQT brings together quantum physicists and computer scientists to do research on the foundations of quantum physics and the ways quantum physics enables new technology. Outreach and education are part of its mission.

CQT was established in December 2007 as Singapore's first Research Centre of Excellence with core funding from the Singapore National Research Foundation and the Ministry of Education.

To read more about CQT, visit quantumlah.org.