An act of measurement

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Can you shine some photons on my lab desk, please? Said Maria.
Peter: OH my gosh, room is already well lit! Why do you need more light?
Maria: Well, I want to see and catch the thing which causes light itself…
Peter: Ahh, you mean, “electrons”???, because electronic transition is the source of light. You will not be able to do that, sorry!
Maria: Really? Are you underestimating me? I know you have more science knowledge than me! But Science is open to all…
Peter: Ya, you are right! But you can’t counter the nature as well! Here is the bizarre situation:
First, an electron can be at more than one place at the same instant and you don’t know is electron a particle or wave? Neither anyone knows! It is meaningful only if someone defines an experiment too, by which you are going to detect the electrons! This is like, there are only two possibilities: Yes or No, whether it will be like wave or particle. Which one at a particular instant depends on the kind of experiment we are doing?
Second, there is so called uncertainty principle, which provides the upper limit in finding the location and momentum of such small particles.
Maria: Hold on, hold on… What if I put this tiny mysterious electron inside a box?
Peter: Well, what kind of box you are talking about? More interesting phenomenon is awaiting you…
The electron will get enough energy (maybe from the future) to break that box and tunnel…
This is Quantum World… Rules are different in this world!
Maria: It is mind blowing really! I will prefer to have a chance to study Quantum Physics in my Undergraduate at least.
Peter: Have a great time! Goodbye.
Maria: Goodbye.

About the Author: 
I am Haseeb Ahmad. I have undergraduate degree in Physics. My favorite discipline is Quantum mechanics and condensed matter Physics. I also love to play with electronics circuits a bit.