Am I the Only Universe?

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I opened my eyes and the universe came into existence. I closed my eyes and the universe abruptly stopped. Open. Closed. On. Off.

I am the universe. The entirety of the universe is inside me. The boundaries of the universe start and end with my flesh and bones, but the physical enclosure of my body contains within it a space that is boundless, eternal. With every breath I take in, filling my lungs with air, the universe expands. With every exhalation the universe contracts. If you cut me in half and looked inside, all you would see is a deep black canvas decorated with clusters of glistening galaxies.

My mind is the ruler of the universe. It is the God. It controls everything that occurs within the universe. It is the master of all. I know my mind is there, I can sense its existence, but understanding it and gaining access to its infinite power is beyond me. It is beyond my capacity as a mere human being to comprehend my mind and its omnipotence. The ruler of the universe. Much like people can never and will never comprehend their God. Both are hiding behind a mask of science. When we eventually manage to prize that mask away, there will be another mask behind it, a different guise, sending us on a different path of theories and hypotheses.

There is a common misconception that eyes are for looking with, taking in information from the outside world. There is also a romantic saying, “The Eyes are the Windows to the Soul”. I do find both rather amusing. Firstly, my eyes are not for looking into or for looking out with. They are for projecting. They are playing the slide-show of what is happening internally. Secondly if you did get to ever look inside me, you would find a lot more than just my soul.

I know all this to be true. What I cannot be sure about is whether I am living in a universe or a multiverse. If it was just me then the answer is clear, there is one, uni - universe. But is it just me? Am I the only one who holds a universe within me? Is everyone part of my own manifestation or is each and every person carrying around with them an entire universe? Are your experiences as vast and deep as mine? Is this a multiverse made up of 7 billion individual universes? Each one starting out the same from birth but growing and evolving in differently as a result of variable conditions imposed by each carrier?
If there are universes outside of me then I feel less pressure to continue. If the only universe lies within me, if it and all that lives within it exists at my choosing, how can I choose to not go on?

Does it all exist at my choosing? Do I choose to keep it all going? Do I choose to end it all?

There are only two possibilities: Yes or No. Open or closed. On or off.

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