The Beginning

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The Singletary, weary from his work, viewed his masterpiece, the ever expanding universe.
“I have filled a void in this dimension, but I am alone in this wondrous creation. I have no other to be my companion. The Others I created in my image are not enough. This new dimension has great promise, but I need different beings to help me realize its full potential and bring it into its destiny. The Others have no free will and cannot reason. This time I will chose two beings from another dimension and create a new race. When they arrive, I will mold each into my image and name them. They will be different because they will have a limited ability to reason. We will converse and my loneliness will disappear. The male will be Adam and the other, a female, will be Eve. They will produce my chosen people.”
Ranger One, the huge, box shaped spaceship continued toward the light beyond the almost invisible pale-blue barrier. H-trae, a once pristine world, and the crown jewel within its universe in another, lay poisoned by uncontrolled population growth, and its resulting atmospheric pollution. In the past two years ninety-five percent of H-trae had become a de-populated wasteland. Years of extreme air pollution had poisoned the atmosphere. The poison was twice what the human body could tolerate. The struggle for a breathable atmosphere became a global life or death battle. One solution for survival of the race remained. Find a new world quickly. Admiral Doth Zep spoke quietly with his wife, Commander Lin Zep, the navigation engineer.
“My Dearest, there are only two possibilities: yes or no. We can talk all day, but the facts will not change. We are doomed unless we can penetrate the outer barrier.” He whispered softly to his lovely wife as they lay in bed in the Admiral’s cabin at dawn on the third day of their desperate mission.
Admiral Zep commanded Ranger One. He was also a PhD in the quantum theory of consciousness known also as master of brain wave mechanics in his dying world.
“I am very afraid. We are deep into the unknown. Ranger One is unproven. Our thick atmosphere adds so much pressure and resistance. The new world must be similar to ours, otherwise the structural design may fail. If we survive the break through, what then? Nobody knows what lies beyond. I fear our ship will not withstand these untested challenges.”
“What are our other options, my Love?” The Ranger One, designed to accommodate one thousand carefully selected pairs of beings, carried the last hope of continuing the species.
“Admiral Zep, please report to the bridge.” The screaming wrist radio spoiled what might be their last few moments of intimacy.
“We have to go to work.” Lin announced as she pulled on her robe. “Unless we take twenty minutes more…”
“Stop teasing me, you beautiful temptress. I am still the Admiral of this ship and duty calls,” he laughed.
“Sir, I also address the Admiral of my heart.” She smiled sadly as she realized this moment might never come again. Her mind drifted back to her husband’s argument with Admiral Thadie, Fleet Commander. She beamed with pride when he refused to end the experiment. He insisted a new world could be found. He demanded Thadie consider the quantum physics theory everyone studied at the Academy. He demanded Thadie realize other worlds and forces existed beyond the barrier. Lin smiled as she watched her husband put on his uniform.
“You are right, my love. I am that Admiral also.” He chattered. “However, I need to answer my summons. Join me on the bridge in an hour if you wish or I will meet you in the galley for coffee later.” He kissed her passionately, possibly for the last time.
“Lieutenant Harden, what have you got,” Zep asked.
“Sir, we are encountering strange phenomena. The closer we move towards the barrier, occasionally we see great bursts of light which only last a second or two.
Look there! See what I mean.” The light flashed brilliantly and ended quickly.
“I don’t know what to make of it. Any other changes when this occurs?” Zep pondered.
“Yes, the electrical systems stop for a moment with each flash. We are experiencing a gradual increase in temperature the closer we come to the barrier.”
“Strange indeed. The higher temperatures were foreseen. The light flashes were not. What does our Flight Engineer think? I did not see any such red flag notes,” the Admiral demanded.
“The Operations Engineer said nothing about the flashes. If the rate of temperature change continues to increase, it will reach the critical stage before this spaceship reaches the barrier.”
“Interesting Lieutenant. I’ve said it before. There are only two possibilities: yes or no. We will break through the barrier, or we will not. When will be reach the barrier?”
“Sir, we will be at the barrier in exactly two hours and forty-nine minutes. The temperature will be extreme. Pressurized suits will be required.”
“Order it done Lieutenant". The admiral commanded.
Two hours and forty-nine minutes later, the spaceship burst through the top of the teardrop shaped barrier. The crew shouted their cheers of happiness having escaped their doomed world. The spaceship immediately doubled its speed turning the crew’s exuberance into terror in seconds as another barrier appeared almost instantly. A blinding light erupted then disappeared.
“Admiral! Another barrier is dead ahead. We’re going to crash! We’ll all die!”
Seconds before impact, a hole appeared in the barrier.
“Let there be light.” The Singularity commanded.
The Ranger One disappeared inside the tube of light as it blazed a path. Moments later a green and blue ball appeared at the end of the light’s path.
The Singularity lowered His hand and smiled.
“Now I have a little more work to do.”

About the Author: 
I am an indie author/publisher and screenplay writer. I have written and published 11 novels since June 2015. My series, The Fall of the Americas, is a scifi/fantasy/action/adventure saga.