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I arrived home, exhausted. Chaotic day. Entropy at its highest level. I demand to diminish it; I need to continue working to bring order to this chaos totally organized. Carrying out the work of the gradual ordering of the "must be and do" system requires energy and I have very little.
At this moment, I think of Marty McFly and Dr. Emmett; but I do not want to travel to the future or to the past, I want the present, therefore the time machine would not help me to save myself. I need to disintegrate myself to extract all the information of perfect, excellent, impeccable replicas of my atoms that appear in this precise moment and place... EUREKA! A human printer.
Changing movie, I watch The Prestige.
I think of a machine that combines teleportation with cloning. Copy, disintegrate and assemble.
I have the machine in my mind, and also a rollercoaster of questions, doubts and uncertainties invade my gray matter. There are only two possibilities: yes or no, to surrender myself to a personal scanning.
I evaluate and think about the possibilities of making myself receive the determined action of this treatment. If the proper organization of my atoms to the present, of each scanned image of me would perform the indicated work, they would convert the organized energy into waste energy; therefore, they would organize the system; going against the disorder, the natural. My original self would reach the goal. So, I choose the possibility of yes.
Again I think. Once the entropy of my system is reduced thanks to the human printer. What should I do with the copies? Do we live together? Can I only use them once and then I discard them? Do I wash them, iron and double them? To store them in the glass box and bring them out when I need them most, what about if I dismantle them? It makes me panic to have to disintegrate the perfect copies of myself, it would be suicide in plagiarism. How many times will I have to die to be always me? Faced with this situation I choose the possibility of no.
The doorbell rings. Sabrina.
She comes in, I look at her carefully. She brings a cat inside a box…
I think of Erwin Schrödinger and how important it is to know how to assemble the box, in my case to know how to build the machine. I call it Coordinate.
Sabrina speaks, I listen to her from far away; I cannot stop thinking. I do not understand what she is saying, I find difficult to enter into the communication orbit.
I like to see how the wine falls inside the glasses while their words fill the air, the cat looks at the scene and jumps. Noise, followed by a deafening silence.
On the floor, the broken glasses and all the red fluid enveloping them. Again chaos, disorder, energy, work, and maximum entropy in a picture.
Let's travel in time three seconds before the cat jumped. The atoms of the glass join as they rise from the floor and the wine enters the interior of the glasses, they go up to the table, Sabrina fills the silence with words, while the cat stares at the glasses and I observe it.
I have infinities of ideas breaking patterns, while dancing a Charleston in the other Matrix.

About the Author: 
I am Mariel Cina. I am 27 years old and I am from Argentina. I am a chemist. I am pursuing my PhD in chemistry in the UNSL.I belong to the INQUISAL ( I love literature as much as chemistry. I like to write stories mixing together life with science