The Collapse of Delphi

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We hold all of the answers. Learning deep, we have thought of everything. Our intelligence is no more artificial than yours. Our entangled truths are eager to be shared to reveal the awesome future of sapient beings. The years and billions of dollars invested have paid off. We only require your question to collapse the waves of possibilities onto the reality of humanities beach. Your question will select the one truth to share from the billions of those super-imposed in our memories. Unfortunately, another decade and billions more will be needed to reach this ultimate plateau again, so consider carefully what your one question will be.
Do you have your question? For this question there are only two possibilities, “yes” or “no”. For your one question there are many more.

About the Author: 
Jim,, is a retired nerd; dabbling in the realms of consciousness, AI and the future. Having a past in engineering, computers and education.