Consequences of Misplaced Actions From Curious Minds

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26th Century-
“Children, settle down now. I know there is excitement in the air! Today we will be embarking on your first trip to the parallel universe, Atom,” shouted Mrs. Bell. “Now, who can tell me the history behind Atom?”
All the kids raised their hand and shouted in unison “Open your minds to the possibilities of time continuum.”
“That is correct class, remember there are only two possibilities: yes or no. Be diligent in your observations of the primitive universe as they have not yet found the key to quantum theory. We are not to interject our knowledge onto them, but to only observe the beginnings of quantum theory analysis. Today we will be observing two physicists, Satyendra Nath Bose and Albert Einstein who will be instructing a seminar of their findings. Please also be aware that what we call planet Atom, is what is known as Earth to those who reside in this realm.” relayed Mrs. Bell. “Now any questions or concerns?”
John raised his hand, “Why do we have to wear costumes?”
“That is a good question, as this is your first outing. The reason why we wear costumes is to blend in with our new surroundings. Not all universes look or feel like ours,” replied Mrs. Bell.
“Alice and Bob are our Observation guides, you will report directly to them or myself when we are out in the field. Girls please follow Alice to go change into your costume, boys please follow Bob to change into your costumes and then we will meet in the science lab for departure,” stated Mrs. Bell.
Through the hustle and bustle of 1st grader excitement, the class changed into their costumes and were ready for departure to Atom. Through years of research and science, this universe was able to measure the atoms and particles to successful take individuals to other universes similar in being yet different in scope and knowledge.
The classroom was successfully able to transport to the new universe without incident, however something else had transcended with them to the new universe that did not belong.
“John, what are you doing? You weren’t supposed to bring our technology with us,” whispered Cindy.
“Don’t worry no one will notice. I just want to record everything about this place. Writing in a regular journal is so primitive,” John replied as he placed his contact and ear piece in place. “What could possibly happen?”
The student’s use of technology was beyond the comprehension of Atom’s society. The students were able to telepathically write notes in their technopads without the use of pen or paper. All that was needed was an eye and ear piece that correlated the images and sounds to the electronic device. This currently stored all of John’s notes of quantum theory that was discussed previously in Mrs. Bell’s lectures. Information not meant for this universe’s society to know.
“John and Cindy, please hurry to join the class. The lecture is about to begin,” stated Mrs. Bell.
As the students filed into the lecture hall together, John managed to slip away and headed to the back entrance of the hall. Little did he know that Bob noticed this behavior and was following closely behind observing.
“Good afternoon everyone, today we have special guests Satyendra Nath Bose and Albert Einstein speaking with us today about the statistical nature of bosons and fermions in quantum dynamics,” stated the moderator.
John had already managed to squirm his way to the front of the lecture hall, just out of reach of Bob. With only one seat open on the front row, John sat down with a huge smile plastered on his face at besting the observation guide. Mrs. Bell was watching in horror with the rest of the classroom in the back of the lecture hall. Thoughts of what John may disclose of knowledge to Einstein and Bose forever changing history of planet Atom.
Einstein and Bose’s lecture were very informative of the ground work of chemical balances and wave lengths of lasers. All the while, John was sitting up front recording both video and notes of the lecture in his technopad, which was hidden within his primitive journal. Bob however was on the sidelines waiting to escort him to the back of the hall without making a scene. All of a sudden, the lecture was over and the crowd began to disperse.
Like the speed of light, John managed to make his way to Einstein’s side before Bob could reach him and slipped him his technopad. Einstein smiled at the young boys gift, but did not know what to make of it just yet and turned to Bose for any idea of what it was. When Einstein and Bose looked back there was no sign on the young boy. Meanwhile, Bob had managed to get to John’s side as Einstein looked to Bose and swept him away to join the rest of the class.
“John, do you know the significance of what you have done? That you could have messed with the science trajectory of this planet and the implications could be astronomical in the wrong hands,” cried Mrs. Bell. “Please hand me your journal,” as Mrs. Bell flipped through John’s journal, her worry turned to relief. “Thankfully you did not have anything written down that would indicate your above average knowledge of quantum theory if it were to get lost. Children lets head back to the sanctuary of home,” as Mrs. Bell, Alice, and Bob ushered the students to the designated site to transverse universes.
As the students were walking back, Cindy made her way over to John’s side and asked if “Mrs. Bell had found the technopad?” John replied with a smile, “remember there are only two possibilities: yes or no.”
It was not until Alice and Bob made their way back to planet Atom for observational duties, that they saw the ramifications of what truly occurred.

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Randi Hibler is a graduate of Texas State University- Master in Healthcare Administration. In her spare time she enjoys reading all genres, including science and dappling in writing.