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The inspector gestured to a constable. He stepped forward and freed me form the handcuffs.
“Take your seat,” said the inspector.
I thanked and sat against him.
“Tell them,” he ordered the same cop, “he won’t face media now!”
He rushed out to pacify the reporters.
“So…,” fixing his eyes on mine the inspector asked, “why did you do it?”
“I told you. To save you and me and every family in the world.”
“Ah!” He waved his head. “See, man. It’s past midnight. Many people are awake because of your deed two hours back. High officials are on the way. Before they arrive I want to hear the real intention behind murdering your boss. Tell the truth, and the interrogation shall be short and sweet. Mind, everything is being recorded here.”
“See, sir,” I said calmly, “I dialed to this police station immediately after it. Did I try to escape? Did I destroy the evidences? Didn’t I admit the crime? Then, do you think I lie henceforth?”
He breathed deeply. “Man, cunning criminals try to show that they are psychos. But do you think pretending insanity, weaving the story of a moon-blast mixed with quantum mechanics would save you? The victim is one of the richest men in the state. Do you know its impact including in the share market?”
“Sir,” fumed I, “whatsoever is the economic impact, I don’t think it more serious than a catastrophe. He who planned to blast the moon only was lunatic, not I!”
“You’re repeating the same story I heard on the way.” He shouted in annoyance. “Who in the world can blast the moon? And what’s it to you even if he did it?”
“Excuse me. What are you graduated in?”
He frowned. With a forced smile he responded, “chemistry. Why?”
“Good! I’m a physics graduate and I know the effect had he blasted the moon.”
“Only a graduate,” he scoffed, “he was a doctor in physics! Moreover, he had many patents, eh?”
“Yes, but cynic. His aim was total havoc.”
“Sir, the sudden disappearance of the moon causes gravitational imbalance. The rotation, tilt etc. of the planet will alter immediately resulting in earthquakes and Tsunamis and the earth will perish instantly.”
He laughed. “Is the moon a small piece of rock to blast from the earth? Had he any magic wand?”
The three policemen around sneered.
“Yes!” I caught his word. “The lethal weapon, he termed CRASER, working on his own idea in quantum theory is his wand.”
“Weapon? Don’t lie!” He leaned forward. “Right after this, we’re going to escort you again to the spot.”
There’s only a miniature, sir, in the second floor, first room. The huge one for the moon is in his secret lab, fifty km away, in the district of Idukki.”
“Where in Idukki?”
“Five km off Thodupuzha City.”
“Did you see it?”
“Yes. Last month. Of the size of a double-decker; barrel eight meters long and one meter in diameter. He had informed it as more powerful than hydrogen bomb.”
“Must have been joking, man!”
“I also thought so. And I waited till tonight to see if his claim was genuine; waited with a thumping heart if his trial works. There are only two possibilities: yes or no. And it was yes, a big YES! The rock he targeted crumbled like a heap of flour. His next target was the moon.”
“How could you be certain?”
“I know him, sir. He was my college mate, nicknamed Crazy George for his eccentricities. He had bizarre ideas. None cared; everyone scorned him. His stepfather was very cruel. All ignited a fire in him. I have heard him swearing he would destroy the world had he a chance. And he grew to a billionaire by his minor inventions and patents.”
“Then, why did you execute yourself instead of informing the police?”
“Sir, who’ll believe me? And none can operate the machine without his help. My complaint would have aroused only sneaking sympathy and I’d have been fired from the office. He’d appoint another assistant and accomplish his aim.”
“We’ll verify soon. But can you narrate what happened tonight?” He leaned back

“ Sir, it was past 10 p.m. After my work, standing by the machine, its barrel slanted in line with the hole in the wall, I was skeptical about the sanity of his experiment. The miniature was having a strong metallic box of one cubic meter and a two-meter long barrel connected to it.
George, busy with the complicated keypad of the machine, seemed excited.
Finally he stood up and declared, ‘I’m going to give the execution command.’ He pressed another switch and shouted, ‘run!’
I followed him along the corridor leading to the terrace. We rushed towards the parapet. Leaning on it, we eagerly looked at the huge rock on the hill bathed in the moonlight.
I was afraid if the rock would blast and destroy a few huts in the village.
“Watch keenly,” George whispered. “Or you can’t see it.”
Within seconds a violet hue engulfed the rock. It lasted only two minutes.
‘It’s over,’ he said.
Nothing happened.
I sighed in relief. He can’t blast the moon!
‘Failed?’ I stammered.
‘Wait for five more minutes, Joseph,’ he whispered.
My pulse increased.
Is his theories right? He had explained that the first packets of energy in CRASER rays attaches to the surface molecules and the later ones evade them, penetrate deep and binds with the inner molecules. How can each quantum of energy communicate one another? I don’t know! When all the molecules are saturated with energy, they vibrate harmoniously and shake off the intermolecular force that binds them. Result? The object collapses irrespective of its size!

Within minutes the rock turned red hot and crumbled down!
I realized human fate was sealed. The smiling faces of my wife and two kids appeared in my mind.
The next instant I pushed him down over the parapet. Am I guilty, sir?”
***The End***

About the Author: 
Brief bio: Aged 54, Mr. P. J. Johnson is a postgraduate. Worked as a teacher for twenty years. Published three books of poetry and five novels in Malayalam. He has won six state level awards for literature and won silver medal in UPLI global poetry contest, 2015. Pen name-John Kolyav