Creation of Holes

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1000 years later, this situation is going to encounter the multiverse and I got to foresee it, the future of the multiverse. So, let me narrate the story.

The real challenge comes now, to save the humanity as well the existence of all the human beings. In one universe, a black hole is approaching near to the Earth 1, the only planet in that universe where life exists. And, in another universe, a white hole is approaching near the Earth 2, another planet with life but in a different universe. The utmost importance of now is to save both the life existing planets from the approaching dangers. There are only two possibilities: yes or no on both the planets. Either to save them or to put an end to the life of living beings.

Now the only option left to save the Earth 1 is to create an artificial white hole so as the black hole can’t engulf the Earth 1. And an artificial black hole has to be created on Earth 2 so as the Earth 2 wouldn’t be inundated by a colossal amount of energy by striking the white hole.

Scientists from both the planets have been working on saving both of their planets. Exchange of information between these two planets in different universes was possible by the use of the principle of quantum entanglement, the fastest means of communication in the universe.

John, one of the scientists on Earth 1 asked James, one of the scientists on Earth 2 how the experiment was going on.

John says," Hey James, do you think your experiment will gain success?"

James replies," We’re working on it and most probably we will succeed. And how’s your experiment going on?"

John says," I don’t think we are going to succeed. We are losing our hopes. It’s a tedious task to create a white hole, you know."

James replies," That’s true. It’s hard to create artificial holes in the universe. But, we mustn’t lose hope. The future of the living beings lies in our hands. We must do these tasks successfully."

John replies," Why not we work together? You are near to creating a black hole and if you give us the idea to do it we can create a black hole faster. And then we can create the environment to make it collapse to form a white hole."

James says," Yeah sure. That’s a good idea."

After series of experiment, the hope of creating artificial black hole has been generated in the scientists of Earth 2. The only thing they need is patience as they have to wait for the artificial black hole to be dense one and highly compressed. Days are passing by and the experiment is going on, and so is the white hole approaching nearer and nearer. Thirty days are gone, but still no result. Hope is declining among people. But scientists are insisting that they will succeed in their experiment. And finally, after 45 days of patience, the creation of artificial black hole has been successful. And so the Earth 2 is safe.

And in the Earth 1, a white hole has to be created which is a more difficult one. With the successful creation of artificial black hole by scientists of Earth 2, John and other scientists of Earth 1 have used the same idea to create an artificial black hole on Earth 1. Now, it has to be collapsed to create a white hole. And scientists have done it. A white hole has been created in the Earth 1.

Finally, both the planets have now become safe from the approaching dangers. You might be wondering how I knew this future of the universe. It’s time travel, which can take you to the future and the past.