The Dead-Alive Singularity

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"Dead is but a state of the mind”
The parking lots of the mental asylum was filled with luxury cars mostly tinted black spread across the mowed fields. By the left wing, annexed to the main hospital complex is the little picturesque theatre which now is plunge in deep shadows as if in preparation for a show. The hall is scantily occupy by persons sitting mutually apart from each other. All of them were dressed in long white coats with spotting ties, all like nocturnal Nicodemuses, they sneaked at night to come listen to the new master of Hypnotic Euthanasia explain his infamous theory of flawless dead. The florescent tube flickers back to life on stage with a cracking sound unveiling a solemn lectern placed in the middle of the stage with a singular microphone mounted on it. An exit door opens quietly by the stage as Dr. Solomon Eckhart, a recently infamous hypnotherapist who seems to be in his early sixties, dressed in dark grey suit, stoutly built and of short stature walked in without a gait. Recently convicted of manslaughter by administering hypnotic euthanasia to a willing and eager patient suffering from great physical pain. He is now serving his sentence in the mental asylum. He came through the little door in handcuffs and a bit gag with his teeth bared in a mirthless laugh of a solemn skull as he griped the gag almost ripping it apart with his teeth. The gag was put in place for the safety of his inmates after he recently performs his unholy act on a fellow inmate now reportedly dead without a cause of dead established. He was being escorted by two uniform men all dressed in white and both holding truncheons. He heads straight towards the lectern, on reaching there, he calmly turns to the guards and stretched out his hands towards the men. One of the men nervously fumbles with the cuffs with a key freeing his hands while the other loses the bit gag from the back of his head. The two men promptly fall back into the shadows behind the stage and disappeared. Dr. Solomon Eckhart Splayed his hands wide on the lectern while his bloodshot eyes darted straight into the darken backdrop of the hall where his audience were sitting in the shadows in contemplating silence all awe stricken by vulgar anticipation in an unhealthy mix with unfettered curiosity. He held them in his spell for what seems like an eternity but was actually a fraction of a second. Dr. Solomon Eckhart’s imposed disposition of the morosely melancholic rose to its peak but begins to plummet after the gag was removed. From the thoughtfully intense self absorbed individual, he began to produce a grumble and later on a murmur of some sort escaped his lip, this slight sound from his mouth draws their attention to a sharp focus, they were all hanging on a word that could escape his tongue, how they hope for it like rain promising to fall on the hottest day of their lives. They wait for it with gaping mouths, wide eyed almost pleading.
He clears his throat and began to speak in clear reverberating tones, “If I can say, although hypothetically, that we live in a constant state of hypnosis, from the myriads of suggestions stemming from the generality of the environment. we are then being led into believing that we are alive and self aware then settles in the passions which makes up our general sense of conscious reality . And yet where is the place of death which ends it all, and likewise it’s preceding suggestions? If life can be made this easy, death can even be more flawlessly painless. Amongst many other things possible to humans, we also are capable of dying devoid of a cause of dead. Thereby extricating the pains and suffering inherent in the conventional methods through disease or accidents. The fact that I stand here before you today a condemn man bears witness to the success of my research. For the first time in our existence, the autopsy reports have return with no verdict, no cause of death, nothing. And yet I stand condemned. They could accept the reality of death but can't reconcile themselves to the flawless process it was administered. Matter, as we all know is composed of a dual nature but is limited when it comes to exhibiting both natures simultaneously. Perpetual duality aims at uniting the dual states in a fusion consolidated by a singularity which in our case and context I termed the “dead-alive singularity” which extends into the infinite, breaking space-time boundary if there are any.”
He went on to say, after a brief pause , “ So like the Schrödinger’s cat, a case of quantum superposition; you are in an entangle state, alive and dead. And in the quantum realm “there are only two possibilities: yes or no” and there in lies your infinite singularity. We can not measure with high degree of certainty, your states as explained by Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, thereby collapsing the superposition. So it stands, a decoherence is established. As in the words of Stephen Hawking, "We shall see that although the uncertainty principle places limitations on the accuracy of all our predictions, it may at the same time remove the fundamental unpredictability that occurs at a life-dead singularity." So this counterintuitive ability of small particles to inhabit contradictory physical states simultaneously does not implies there are parallel-versions to this particle, but parallel-states. The locations you inhabit defines your states, there are no parallel-versions of you, but parallel-states of you. There are no dead and alive versions of you, but dead and alive states of you. While on the quantum realm, your states extends to unity in an infinite singularity. You are both dead and alive, this you can only be sure of, your doubt.”

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Thanks to my mother who right from childhood bought all the little space books enough to spark a child's imagination to contemplate the real world around us.