Dead and Alive.

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I suddenly woke in the middle of the night from the unmistakable sound of screaming outside. I got out of bed and peered through the window towards the street but it was too dark to tell exactly what was happening. All I managed to see where a couple of teenagers running frantically away from what looked like a blurry, human-like figure that was walking in some kind of strange fashion.

I turned on the TV and listened in disbelief as Bob Bell a local news reporter, reporting from the scene of the action described that, in lack of a better word, zombies were roaming the streets. The reason seemed to be an experiment conducted by a team of physicists at the university that had somehow gone haywire.

I remembered reading something about it the other day. The university's physics department had recently come under heavy fire from animal rights groups for their plan to create for the very first time an actual Schrodinger cat. This involved enclosing the poor animal inside a box with a lethal radioactive source. If the source decayed then the cat would meet it's maker otherwise nothing would happen. So far so good. But this is where the really weird part comes in. The article went on to explain that quantum mechanics dictates that the source does and does not decay at the same time. This would mean that as long as no one pries the box open the cat must be inside a weird twilight zone of being simultaneously both dead and alive.

Apparently, Bob continued, the zombified cat had somehow managed to tunnel through it's prison walls and escape attacking it's captors in the process and turning them into the living dead which now roamed the streets.

“The police has deployed all of it's forces in an attempt to contain the situation and is asking the public to remain calm and...”

His words fell short after he was suddenly attacked from behind. And that was the first time I saw one. I could not tell if it was a man or a woman but what was disturbing was the way it was able to move to every direction at once but still remain stiff as a corpse. The way it seemed to be at two places but at the same time be at no place at all.

I turned off the TV set in horror and gave my self a few minutes to let what I had just witnessed sink in. “This can't be happening”, I thought to myself. “How can something be both dead and alive? Moving yet not moving? Here but at the same time also there? Usually in life there are only two possibilities: yes or no. There is no in between. Maybe my roommate could help explain things a bit, he is after all doing his Phd in Theoretical Physics if I remember correctly. And by the way, where the hell is he?”

At that point what I can only presume used to be my roommate grabbed me simultaneously by my shoulder, my arm, my waist and my leg.

At first the only thing I could feel was fear, but soon after I also started feeling joy, anger, love, elation and frustration all at the same time. I opened my eyes and I could see an infinite number of parallel realities evolve right in front of me. A reality where none of this ever happened, one where I managed to escape the clutches of my roommate and even one where human life had never existed. I was privy to the secrets of the universe, the nature of time and knew the answers to all the mysteries of the cosmos.

“Surely everyone needs to be part of this amazing experience”, I thought. So I started making my way towards the door and to my neighbors house...

About the Author: 
The author is a Phd student in Theoretical Physics, in the field of Quantum Information.