To Defy Ω

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Vellan and Alioth had lived too long. In fact, they had outlived all members of The Community, and now they were attempting to outlive even the Universe itself. They had ‘birthed’, lived, met, fell in love, and birthed their own children when the Universe was only 20 billion years old. Some said it was the combination of their love for life and each another that sustained them; because somehow, they refused to die. But the Universe would now see to that.

“It’s impossible,” Vellan conveyed.

“It’s not impossible!” Alioth responded, “The calculations have shown that our plan has a non-zero probability of success—therefore it is possible,” He could sense Vellan’s despair, “What’s this? Where’s the Vellan I know? Where’s the one who’s always beguiling me into doing something adventurous, whimsical, or even dangerous? And here I am, giving you the greatest thrill of all…and you’re not enticed?”

Alioth could sense the change in her mood, and could sense her ‘smile’. “You’re right, Alioth, any adventure that would allow me to spend a moment longer with you is enticing.”

If she had the physical body to do so, she would have smiled. Instead Alioth had felt something better…the energy equivalent of her smile; for Vellan and Alioth were non-corporeal, they were conscious energy…the essence of a corporeal being in energy form. And they were the last of any life form.

Dark energy had not stopped its accelerating pace of ripping the Universe asunder. The Community’s best minds had determined long ago that the hoped ‘transition’, when dark energy would reverse itself, would never occur. The fate of the Universe and all life in it was sealed; galaxies, planets, life, the very atoms themselves would eventually be ripped into oblivion. Even time would end.

The Universe was now a trillion years of age. The galaxies could no longer been seen, long receded from light sight. The Community had given up the fight and accepted their fate. Vellan and Alioth could not bear to be parted, could not bear to have their lives together extinguished, if there was hope. Alioth had come up with an outlandish plan for them to be together for a little while longer.

Hope exists.

Before now, his idea could never have been tried because it would have been impossible to prove if it had succeeded. But that didn’t matter now. Would the plan work? There are only two possibilities: yes or no. But at least it was a chance.

They had ‘relocated’ to this spot ages ago, before this local area of space-time began to manifest the dark energy tearing of matter. They had come to the edge of the gravity well of a massive black hole; massive enough not to affect them greatly before they entered.

One of the few questions The Community had not been able to answer; was what lies beyond and within the event horizon? Soon it would be answered….the last two would finally find out.

Alioth and Vellan could sense it was time; they began to feel the disrupting effects of dark energy. They both formed their essence/energy into a sphere surrounding the black hole, their energy just enough to hold themselves stationary against the pull of the massive gravity well. Alioth was just an electron’s distance in front of Vellan.

“I’m frightened, Alioth,” she ‘thought’ to him.

“So am I, but we know this is the only hope.”

She felt her fear lesson, “Yes… I know.”

Together, they both thought, “I love you.”

Alioth conveyed the signal, and they both put all their remaining strength into a surge towards the black hole’s event horizon. They quickly reached the event horizon….and as they crossed the boundary, they were greeted with an experience no other being had ever witnessed---the interior of a black hole!! It was ablaze with light! Photons trapped forever within the gravity of the black hole raced around the interior with energies just above zero, to energies near the maximum allowed by the laws of physics! And Alioth and Vellan raced past them all—continuing to converge on the center of the gravity well.

As they approached the center, they reached nearly the speed of light. Alioth could feel himself begin to lose consciousness…he could feel Vellan doing the same. But just a moment before he contacted the exact center of the gravity well… he was able to discern what was truly at the heart of a black hole. He conveyed what he discerned to Vellan. Just before they touched the center, Alioth detected a writhing foam, only 4000 Planck lengths in diameter—made up of strings! Strings so tightly bound that their vibrations were almost imperceptible. The black hole was a quantum string star! Alioth’s promise to thrill Vellan---fulfilled!

They contacted the foam!!

……..Nothing……Vellan could sense nothing. But why could she sense at all?? She had touched the center of the black hole and then, nothing… How can she sense---that she senses nothing? Then she felt him!…Everywhere!… Alioth!! She could sense he could feel her too…everywhere!
Slowly, as if waking from a deep sleep, she began to realize… as did Alioth…that they were truly everywhere and everything! She was aware of the entire Universe…every atom, every graviton, dark energy….everything. There was only one explanation…somehow when they crossed the threshold of the foaming center of the string star, they were not destroyed. But instead became one with the entire universe!
Entanglement!!! Both she and Alioth realized as one. They had become entangled with everything, everywhere that existed in the Universe. Elation! They were one with the Universe—and one with each other! Together……truly together! For how long, it didn’t matter!

But now…now that their essence was one with the Universe, they were able to sense something they couldn’t have before….and it filled them with unimaginable joy!

The expansion of the Universe—was slowing!
Hope exists…..

About the Author: 
I’m an Airline Pilot. This short submission is an extension time-frame from a short story I have written called Epitaph. Science Fiction fan. Favorite books—Foundation series (in order of publication date!) and Robot Series (in order of publication date) by Asimov. Huge fan of Babylon 5, and of course….Star Trek.