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And there I was again, in the ground lying nowhere, somewhere, confused of what composed my reality. Where I was? Where I am? What just happened? My mind felt broken, I felt tired and had a headache. All alone in a dark and shallow room. Time passed by and I slowly started to gain consciousness, I felt that I have been here for hours maybe minutes. Then I realized that I was in an old and cold chamber. It seemed that its’ walls were very large, I couldn’t see their length, but on the top, I could still see the dark blue nightsky. No stars tonight- I said to myself. There was nothing to do, so I decided to look around for a clue. It felt like I was looking for nothing, it was only hope what made me keep looking. I walked around the whole room, it was not that big. I saw nothing and that made me felt desperate, there was nothing in the room. But then, I saw it.
Underneath the dust, there was note in the floor. I rapidly approached it and cleaned it. It was a piece of paper from an old notebook, it also had a written text on it: “Delta-Room. Infinite walls, there is still a chance. Whom goes beyond, will find en…”. The text was incomplete.
Sitting in a corner, I kept reading the note over and over again, repeatedly, because it created a sense of calm on me. I probably read it about 320 times since I’ve been here. But still I felt very tired, essentially, I was in my zero-point energy, I could barely think so I put down the note beside me and closed my eyes. Out of the sudden I felt I was in all the locations that surrounded me at once. It was something as I never have experienced before. Scared, I quickly opened my eyes. In that moment I tried to grab the note beside me to calm down however, it was not there anymore, I looked around and found it very distant from me. How did it get there? -I asked out loud, stood up and grabbed it again. Then I realized that the place where I was looked slightly different. I raised the note into my sight and started to read again: “...tanglement, and uncertainty. Observe carefully and you will get information, if you do not, you will gain free will.”
I release the note, made a few steps backwards until I leant my back against the wall and have a series of consecutive thoughts. -Am I losing my mind? This must be a dream. This can’t be real, reality doesn’t work this way.
I grasped that I was losing control of myself. I was raving, thus I decided to keep calm. Nevertheless, it was an useless idea. Quickly, I assumed that my mind was playing tricks on me, everything was normal compared to what was happening. I was in decoherence. The break down lasted a few more minutes. Desperation, impatience, madness, anxiety, concern were some of the words that could describe what was going in my head.
A few moments later, I tried to gain control, but this time with a different approach, I used reason: There must be some hidden variables that cause these effects because these events are not normal. Maybe I just blacked out, or maybe I’m on drugs, but is this actually real? What is reality? After all of these questions, a new idea was surging in my mind: “there is no objective reality”. These ideas were running through my mind in a state of cognitive dissonance.
And in a fraction of a second, I knew exactly what to do, it was not a deterministic path but instead it was filled with probability. I had to run against the wall. Without thinking twice, I ran as fast as I could, and before crashing against the wall, I closed my eyes shut and closed my fist with force. Seconds later I fell into the ground, as if no wall was there. I did not crash, just fell. I opened my eyes looking disappointed to the ground. However, the floor was different now. I didn’t feel any wall nearby, not at all. I looked back and there they were, two rooms with infinite walls at a great distance from me. Now I was there, outside. I was free. And in that moment of freedom, I started to remember, I started to remember how did all began and what happened for me to be inside the room… It was all an experiment. The feeling of acknowledging that was horrible, I could just run, there were only two possibilities: Yes or no. Nevertheless, just a few moments later everything started to feel drowsy and in a few seconds, it was all dark again.
And there I was again, in the ground lying nowhere, somewhere, confused of what composed my reality. Where I was? Where I am? What just happened? My mind felt broken.

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Nanotechnology Engineer Student from México.