Deviating a Black Hole

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Coco closed the blinds, turned around and spread her fingers. A black screen appeared floating in space. “Who do you want to contact?” appeared on the screen in silver. Coco thought, myself on Ex-2 and SL-5.

Coco and her two other selves on planets Earth, Ex-2 and SL-5 in three different galaxies, thousands of light years apart, were the only ones who were aware of their quantum existence in three parallel worlds.

- What’s up, Coco?
Her own voice coming from Ex-2 startled her. Her 3D face appeared in front of her, playfully floating in the air.
- Oh, just chilling.
- Chilling huh? That’s all you do on earth!
- Living on earth is no vacation, trust me.
- Listen, I have to protect my planet from asteroids every minute, OK? And you can’t stop sipping that thing! What is it anyway?
- Coffee. Can’t afford fancy coffee every day.
- Oh, try some real coffee.
Coco Ex-2 winked and a shiny black cup appeared next to Coco.
- It’s floating!
- Too light to be affected by gravity.
Coco took the golden handle of the cup. It was weightless, still palpable. A tiny ball appeared and fell in her cup.
- What was that?
- Quantum cream.
- The black coffee in the cup turned gold and a mixed aroma of fresh coffee, cream and caramel filled the room. The first sip sent a warm wave down her spine. The room was lit up and for the first time since morning, Coco smiled.
- Yeah, it makes you use all your usually shut down synapses.
Coco’s third face appeared out of nowhere wearing a helmet.
- Oh unbelievable! Diamond storms all day!
Coco SL-5 had more of Coco’s dramatic side. She waved her hand and flames of fire appeared in the middle of the room. Coco jumped back.
- It doesn’t burn. It’s fire without all the hazards of primitive fire.
It was indeed, warm and cozy, gentle on skin, you could touch it. The humble room was now luxuriously light and warm.
“Take that dreadful thing off your head, Coco!”, Coco Ex-2 said to SL-5.
She took the helmet off. Her perfectly done hair appeared, full, hazelnut brown. Coco SL-5 kept her hair long while the other two preferred short hair. The two others were looking at her waiting for her usual load of bad news.

- Bad news
- Shocker!
- The Earth is now moving parallel to a black hole.
- How close is it?
- Only a couple of thousand light years away but it is unpredictable when they will get dangerously close.
- We have to stop it!
- You can’t Coco. You just can’t stop a planet getting close to a black hole while you ARE on that planet!! Coco Ex-2 and I will have to try to deviate the black hole.
Deviate the black hole?? Coco’s eyes popped out.
- Well, we can’t deviate the Earth! That would mess up your already challenged climate and would just drop you into an ice age.
- Are you even sure the black hole is that close?
- Of course! Can’t you see how crazy people have recently been? The positive energy is being sucked out by the black hole. What concerns me is the black hole appears to be a second Earth but just in the form of a black hole.
Coco Ex-2 was alarmed. “So, you mean they have similar magnetic fields?”
- Similar but in the opposite directions which make them want to slowly move toward each other.

- But how do you deviate a black hole?
- That’s for the three of us to figure out.