Dramatic Descriptions

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As our surroundings turned dark, I snuck out to meet my longtime secret companion. It was on that night that I’d finally be doing it; proposing to her and making her mine. I crushed my apprehensions and made my way to her. She was easy to spot with her iridescent wavy locks. She heard me approach and turned to greet me and I finally noticed her ginormous gown.

“Eh? What’s with that huge dress? It must be such a bother to wear it.” I remarked in awe.
“My love, I cannot bear to face you right now for I’m no better than a thorn in your heart.” She sighed dramatically.
“What’s wrong?”
“God! Fontonio, I’m getting married! Can’t you take a hint?!”

I could feel the wind go still in that moment and the darkness buried me alive. I could feel myself suffocating before her fading presence. Millions of thoughts collided with each other in my head; each one breaking into another thought. It was chaotic. For a long while, the intensities of these collisions kept me rooted to the spot but then I saw it. Patterns branching out, all heading into different directions. And with trembling fingers, I reached out to grab onto her dress’ receding trail.

“Wait, Wonda! Run away with me!” I cried out, desperation lacing my tone.
“And how do you suggest we do that? We’re completely different from each other. I mean there’s no way my dad would allow this.” She huffed, still distraught.
“We may be different but together we make up one thing. Wonda, trust me on this. We belong togeth-” I began but was quickly cut off.
“Cut the speech, dude. We can’t even walk together, let alone be seen together. It’s just not possible for us.” She concluded hopelessly and turned to walk away.

I just couldn’t understand all the taboo. Why was it impossible for us to be together? Who on earth came up with that stupid rule. If only we could make it to the other side without being caught? I wasn’t going to let this episode end right here. Letting determination take over me, I walked back to pack up my things.
I was the youngest son of the Particle family and she was the only daughter of the Wave family. For years, both families have avoided mingling together and instead chosen conflict over peace. A few years prior, you would see me sharing the same mindset as the rest of my brethren. That is until I accidentally crashed into her. Smooth, right? There was an instant connection and it’s like we were glowing. We had to give our love a try at least once.
And that’s why an hour later, I was standing right outside the Wave Family Estate. While I waited, I couldn’t help but notice the countless cracks in the building and it made me second guess my plan. What if there’s something I’ve overlooked? I tried to put myself at ease by reminding myself that despite the countless cracks, the building still stood steady and so would my plan. Gratefully, my musings were cut short as I saw Wonda’s head poke through the window. Trying to be as silent as I could so as to not attract the wrath of her father, I shared my plan with her.

“So will you place your trust in me? There are only two possibilities: yes or no. So which one will it be?” I asked somberly.
She mutters something under her breath and I can barely make it out that she wishes that there was a third option. There might have been one but in that moment, I didn’t have much time to come up with one.
“Yes.” She finally concluded.

And so we ran to the edge of the cage that our neighborhood had become. We turned around one last time at all that we were leaving behind but then as I turned back to stare into her eyes, I knew that it was worth it. And so we stepped out and ran across the empty road with no worries about being caught anymore because now there was no one to see us. Thus, we were launched face forward into our future. Except, halfway through it she started fading.

“WONDA!” I screamed frantically as I tried to grab onto her.
“I’m collapsing! There must be someone watching!” She cried out.
I couldn’t possible grasp how somebody could be watching. I only realized the truth when it was too late. Wonda had disappeared completely as I saw two presences of magnificent size come into view. I failed. I failed so miserably because I had underestimated the unknown. There’s always someone watching when it comes to the macro level.
Overhead, in the lab, our two magnificent beings are seen exchanging banter.
“So Wonda just died?” Jane asked.
“Yep and I see you liked my little narration.” Bryce grinned.
“Don’t flatter yourself. It was really cliché. It’s just that I was just shocked at the sudden ending.”
“So Jane, I think that’s enough double-split experiments for today. How about we go grab a snack somewhere?”
“A snack? Real smooth Bryce. Real smooth. But maybe I’ll take you up on that offer today.”
“Always knew you were the wave to my particle.”
“Don’t make me reconsider this Bryce.”

About the Author: 
I'm Khadija Niazi, a 17 year old student who enjoys writing and learning more about how our world functions.