Each To His Own Universe

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Michio Kaku continued,"So in theory, there could be millions and trillions of universes that could exist at the sub atomic level. However, most physicists think that it is highly improbable that, even if they do exist, it would be impossible to reach out to one.”
“This is a disaster.” Alice whispered to herself.
20 years ago, Alice and Bob had started the DEEP MIND EXPLORATION PROJECT, in an attempt to explore the tiny and curious universes, which might exist at the sub-atomic level. It had been a highly experimental project. However, despite all odds, they succeeded.
(Now, I will not go into the details of how this happened, but all I can say, is that it involves transferring one’s consciousness, or whatever!)
Bob’s consciousness was, now trapped inside one of these tiny sub-atomic universes. What’s more, is that now most of their peers had abandoned them, suspecting her of delinquency. It’s around this time that she met ‘Eve’ . The ‘visions’ first began 2 days after Bob lost consciousness.
It stated “Bob is now our prisoner, whatever will be done to him, is a consequence of his actions against the Law of Natural Order.” At first, it seemed to make no sense, but as her state of affairs further declined, she began to take notice of the ‘visions’. Gradually, it all began to make sense : Bob was being held against his will in one of these ‘quantum’ universes , they had set out explore.
‘Ahh..., so that’s it, that’s your story.’ said the enigmatic Mr. Nttan, their only good friend, as Alice blurted out her story. After thinking for a while, he replied, “Well the answer seems to be clear, we target this universe of yours, with a huge gamma ray burst, and then, in theory, hold their universe ‘hostage’.” “I suppose it is possible, and we could convince them to release Bob’s ‘conscious self’.”,replied Alice, after a deep thought.
At last, after 4 months of struggle, they were finally able to build a prototype, powerful enough to get the job done. It was the moment of truth, whatever happened from here on would determine the question of Bob’s life. Just as they were about to conduct the first test, Alice began to hesitate,” What if we are simply wrong , what if ‘Eve’ is just a figment of my imagination. Am I going crazy?”. Mr. Nattan, unrelenting and determined,” Alice, whatever may be the case , if you are willing to come this far, I believe you, and you should too.There are only 2 possibilities: yes or, no.I think you should choose yes , for Bob's sake.”
The first few tests were unsuccessful, however, finally, they were able to identify their target ‘P68097’ .
A day before the trials , however, ‘Eve’ once again made her fateful appearance in Alice’s ‘visions’ , she warned,” We have been made aware of your demands, but ‘our elders’ have declined your proposition considering the appeal of finding a way of finding a way into your universe, by studying the specimen that you call ‘Bob’ .” Alice was furious , she had never been tested to her limits so much, she decided that if anything had to be done , it had to be done quickly.
She immediately called up Mr. Nattan , expressing her concerns. Mr.Nattan immediately agreed, setting the date of the final test tomorrow.
“Did it work?”, enquired, the now brimming with curiosity , Mr. Nattan. “Dunno”, replied Alice, clearly prepelexed. Suddenly, Alice felt a jerk, like someone just summoned her out of thin air, and she hit the earth, face first.
“Alice? Alice….? “, called out a distant voice. “Who is it?”, asked Alice. “It’s Bob…….., good, so you are finally awake, it’s been a while , hasn’t it?”, said the voice. “Bob? So that means that the plan did work?” Alice was relaxed now. “Well you had us worried, after all you had been in comma for almost 10 years, how am I supposed to react?” Alice was now clearly confused. 10 years? What did Bob mean?
Bob later explained to Alice what had happened , how instead of Bob, she was the one who had lost her consciousness.
The day before the trials for the “DMEP” could begin, Alice had decided to take a ‘test-ride’ , or so she told Bob, before plugging herself into the machine. Alice never woke up after that. After that, Bob and all his friends , pooled their resources to bring her back. When Bob told Alice about his strange ‘visions’ of someone named ‘Eve’, Alice almost jumped. Alice, then recounted her part of the journey to Bob, who was equally surprised and apprehensive. He told Alice ,” It could simply be a dream Alice and what’s this about ‘Mr. Nattan’ , who is he exactly?” But, Alice still could not believe that, all that had happened , was simply a dream.
(What is the truth exactly? I’ll leave it for the readers to decide. Yours faithfully, the narrator.)

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Eleventh grader Idol: Michio Kaku Passion: To become a physicist, and to work on the unified field theory.