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Elvin walked towards the diving board of the university pool. Slowly, he sat, folded his pants and stretched his short legs. ‘How could they be so insensitive? How could all those boys laugh so hard and call me names?’ Elvin was having deep thoughts as tears started to slowly roll on his cheeks. ‘Maybe it’s not for me, maybe I don’t belong here...I wish I could just disappear or something...’
As he was standing up from the diving board, Elvin lost his balance and the board started to become fidgety as he lost his foothold.

“Hey, stop!”

It was Belinda, a university student who thought that Elvin was about to jump towards the pool.

Elvin luckily stooped over the handle of the diving board and quickly stepped down towards the side pool trembling.

“What are you doing? Do you want to die?” Belinda asked him in astonishment.

“Hey, why do you care about me? Who are you?” Elvin asked her.

“There is no water in the pool. You will be diving over the pool tiles! The staff here empties the pool every Tuesday. Good thing you didn’t die or I might be blamed for it,” Belinda said in relief.

“I..I didn’t notice there was no water in the pool. I was so confused and I just wanted to be alone. I didn’t think of jumping, but I just wished I’d disappeared or something like that. What are you doing here?” Elvin curiously asked as he scrambled to get his backpack to leave the pool area.

“I thought I can be alone here. I wanted to ponder on things in my life. Why do you ask?” Belinda answered while quietly looking at Elvin’s ID, reading his full name.

“Nobody comes here during this day, I thought I was alone. Tell me really, why did you come here?” Elvin asked.

“Let’s talk later. I think you should wash up a bit. I’m Belinda by the way,” Belinda said while staring at his disgruntled appearance.

“No, I don’t want to go to the washroom,” Elvin insisted.

“What? Is there a ghost there?” Belinda asked while letting out a sigh in disbelief.

Getting quite impatient, she pulled Elvin’s arms towards the washroom as if escorting a child.

At the entrance of the washroom, there was a graffitti in red, a caricature of a bizarre elf-looking creature and words reading:

‘Elvin the Elf, our big man’

“I told you, I don’t want to come here,” Elvin said with pale-looking face, looking as if ashamed at anyone who sees the graffitti in the washroom.

“That is so rude. Do you know who did this?” Belinda asked.

“Yep, I think they were the basketball varsity guys. I tried joining their team yesterday. I was signing up for the try-out. Some of the guys noticed that I was quite small. They started picking on me. Calling me names like Elvin the elf, Big man...I didn’t hear what else they were saying...I..just started walking away...” Elvin said tearfully and with his head bowed low.

“I’m sorry to hear that. You can report them to the Principal,” Belinda encouraged.

“I don't know. I think I’ve always been a loser. Nobody wanted me. My parents aren’t even there for me, leaving me with my grandmother and grandfather,” Elvin said.

“Hey, you are not the only one who feels down. I just knew today that I failed my Physics exam,” Belinda confessed.

“Then what? I feel worse than you. I just feel that nobody loves me,” Elvin said as if thinking Belinda’s problem was not bigger than his.

“I was working hard to ace everything in my Physics class to join the Physics Club and shift to Physics as my major. Now I feel everything is falling apart,” she said with disbelief.

“I guess we all have burdens. Don’t be hard on yourself,” Elvin said.

“I know that. My mom always says that to me. Where are your parents by the way?” Belinda inquired.

“ They’re in London,” Elvin said.

“They’re not as far as you think. It reminds me about quantum entanglement, my report in my Physics class,” Belinda recounted.

“What about that?” Elvin asked.

“It’s about particles having a special bond after being together and nothing can separate that bond even if the particles are away from each other. It’s like you and your parents. You will always have that invisible bond or connection made from love that nothing can break apart, even when you are miles away,” Belinda said.

“Like soul connection? Well, I still wanted to have them here instead,” Elvin said.

“Your parents will always love you and do everything for you, regardless of your distance from them. You can count on that. Still, you can always create new connections here in the school,” Belinda said.

“I don’t think I will ever be accepted by any group again,” Elvin said with a sigh.

“Think about Schrodinger’s cat,”Belinda said.

“What?” Elvin said with a confused look.

“It’s a theory of uncertainty. In life, there are only two possibilities: yes or no. Efforts can be successful or unsuccessful. You will never know the possibility of an outcome unless you try to see it for yourself,” Belinda proudly explained.

“Hey, that’s a good idea. I think I will try to join other organizations in the university with the same interests as mine and see if I get in” Elvin said.

“You shouldn’t try too hard though. You don’t need to please anybody. You just need to be your best. There will always be someone somewhere who will accept you just as you are,” Belinda said.

“Hey, thanks! I think you should also try to join the Physics Club soon, you will never know unless you try, right?” Elvin said.

“Yes, it’s time to face the world again,” Belinda said with courage.

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She likes to travel and meet people. Her inspiration is her family and pet cat, Macorky.