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Hart and Celestia walked toward the perfectly reflective building, which stretched far into the sky. Walking slowly, as if unsure if they should really enter or not. Seeing their reflection on the doors as they approached, they observed two people who have traveled the same path for a long time, but were unsure if their paths would continue down the same road or soon diverge. They took a glance at one another, making little sad faces. Doors opened automatically before them. A holographic screen appeared in the air ahead, and a pleasant female voice seemed to come out of the empty space around them saying, “Welcome to the Center for Quantum Psychology. You are on time for your appointment with Dr. Eigen, in the division of Marriage Treatment. I’ll lead you to the lift to take you to Dr. Eigen.” The two proceeded silently to the lift, which rapidly went up to the 145th floor, then moved east, then south, arriving at Dr. Eigen’s office. There was no sensation of movement in the lift, and when the doors opened it almost seemed as though a stage crew had quickly changed the backdrop for a new scene in a play. They heard another female voice, this time it wasn’t a computer program, but a smartly dressed women, tall and blonde, who was smiling at the two of them. “Hart. Celestia. So glad to meet you. I’m Dr. Eigen. Please come in and let me tell you about what we do here and how we can help.”

A chair and a small couch seemed to materialize silently out of nowhere and Dr. Eigen gestured for the two to take a seat on the couch, as she gracefully sat down on the comfortable appearing chair. Both Hart and Celestia sat down, keeping what seemed to be an uncomfortable distance between them. Dr. Eigen simply tilted her head smiling. “Hart”, Dr. Eigen said, “Thank you for making this appointment. I know from your message that you two have been having a very difficult time, and I commend you on having the courage to take this step to repair a relationship that you obviously treasure. I can assure you that we have had many cases, where it seemed that divorce was inevitable, but our methods were, none the less, successful at inducing a complete remission and total cure.” Celestia’s eyes widened as she spoke up for the first time. “A remission?”, she said hesitantly. “A cure? Cure of what?” Dr. Eigen’s face seemed to light up even more than before, as she seemed to expect this question, and couldn’t wait to answer, as she no doubt had done so many times before. “Well, the problems with poor communication, leading to resentment and hurt, are a true disease in marriage. It’s a kind of cancer of the relationship. Over time the disease progresses and results in a relationship fatality. Psychologists in the past tried many methods to help, but only recently have we developed the proper tools to really make a dent in this prevalent and heartbreaking disease. We can cure it, and restore a marriage to a healthy happy state - a total cure.” Dr. Eigen sat up even straighter than she had before, and had a look of satisfaction on her face.

“If you can help us doctor, that would mean everything”, Hart said looking down at his feet. Celestia, glanced at Hart then turned back to face Dr. Eigen. “Dr. I really don’t know how you can help us. We’ve already tried everything. I just think we have grown too far apart in the last few years. I don’t like it, but I think it might be best if we just move on separately. I just don’t know that I have anything left to give.” “Celestia”, Dr. Eigen began, “I understand, but please hear me out. Here at the Center for Quantum Psychology we have the right tools that are up to the difficult task of curing a diseased and critically ill marriage. What I would recommend would be Quantum Entanglement. With this method we couple every elementary particle in Harts brain to every one in yours. While this doesn’t allow you to ‘read’ each others minds, it does create a subconscious link that almost always generates an enhanced state of understanding and empathy. In couples that are about to divorce - the most refractory cases - our method is 95% successful. With more traditional methods the success rate is only 5-10%, and even those cases aren’t considered total cures, since they have high relapse rates. We take the uncertainty out of marriage treatment. In my profession we have a joke, ‘Quantum Entanglement takes Heisenberg out of the session’.” She smiled big with her eyes, looking to see if her clients understood the joke. They looked puzzled instead. “You see, the Heisenberg uncertainty principle - Well, never mind. What about if we get started?” “I guess so”, said Celestia, who was looking at a featureless spot on the ceiling. Hart looked at his wife of 15 years, with the first glimmer of hope he’d had in so long. “Yes, lets try it”, he said.

A holographic screen suddenly lit up in front of the doctor. “It will only take a moment as the quantum computers make their calculations match magnetic dipole moments of your quarks. Hmmm, don’t worry you won’t feel a thing.” But they did feel something. They both had the vague feeling of being in each others heads, that they knew what the other was feeling. Some of it was like trying to remember a dream that you just couldn’t quite remember, but there was a sense of understanding. Hart and Celestia looked at each other with watery eyes, scooted close to the each other and held hands. “A full course of treatment would be 10 sessions”, said Dr. Eigen. “Would you like to proceed? There are only two possibilities: yes or no.” Hart and Celestia both nodded yes.

About the Author: 
Rich Feldenberg is a Pediatric Nephrologist, writer, and science enthusiast. He loves walking his dogs and learning about the mysteries of the universe.