An Everettian Romance (or perhaps not!)

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Follow our lovers’ romantic adventure! Thrill to the low probability of ultimate success!
(Fortunately, each Relationship faux pas or other disaster is consigned, in brackets, to the outer darkness of Everett’s alternative realities - Well mostly!)

Last night he slept soundly.
(He tossed and turned – his brow bathed in sweat.)

She dreamt of a silent flight over green fields.
(The wings shatter – the green fields turn to slime.)

He eats a hearty breakfast.
(He feels slightly sick and phones the office.)

She sits sipping coffee, slowly waking from the dream.
(She rushes out and misses the train.)

He yearns to hear her voice and phones.
(He texts to ask her out to dinner.)

Her heart leaps at hearing his voice.
(She fails to hear her mobile ring.)

After an uneventful journey home, his Beef Bourguignon is lovingly cooked to perfection.
(A points failure at Clapham Junction! A smell of burning fills his kitchen.)

Climbing the steps, she is almost overwhelmed by the aroma of a well cooked meal wafting down from his apartment.
(In her excitement, she stumbles on the steps and breaks an ankle!)

After a delightful candlelit supper, they talk sweet nothings on the sofa.
(He accidently knocks over the candle!)

Things are making good romantic progress as the cuddling becomes more creative!
(Unfortunately he has looked slightly too much on the wine when it was red – and falls asleep!)

Slightly unsteadily, supporting each other and giggling uncontrollably, they stagger towards the bedroom.
(Just at that moment, the front door bell rings and it’s his mother!)

Having achieved a satisfactory consummation, there remains only one great question. Did they forget something vital?

There are only two possibilities: yes or no.

She remembered, he forgot – he sighs with relief and THE STORY ENDS - Happily?
(He remembered, she forgot – she sighs with relief.)


They both forgot. – Angrily, “I’ll never trust you for anything again”.
(They both remembered - self congratulations all round.)

The great reproduction race is under starters orders! It’s a damn close run thing!
(The runners are recalled for genetic code violations!)

It’s a boy! THE STORY ENDS. - Happily?
(It’s a girl! (It’s twins (It’s triplets (It’s quadruplets (It’s …..)))))

Somewhere a butterfly flaps its wings and a new universe is born.
Oh dear! I’m not sure about that butterfly. Still - What the hell! It sounds quite profound!

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An ancient Lancaster University physics grad from Bracknell, England