The Experiment

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“You did what?!!” asked professor Verma.
“Yes sir it happened, trust us” exclaimed Aman.
“Yes Sir exactly the way he described it, he was there, he witnessed it” intervened Tushar.
“I cannot explain how happy I am Tushar!” said the professor, “I will explain everything to you, one at a time. I’ll get to the point here. Do you know how your father passed away?” asked Verma.
“He died in an accident” in a confused tone answered Tushar.
“Well that isn’t true!”
“What do you mean?” asked Tushar.
“Your father and I were working on something not many people appreciated in our time. He came up with a rather astonishing theory, but a theory without substantial proof or concrete evidence may make you appear…”
“Like a fool!!” interrupted Aman.
“Well, like a fool!” said Verma, “That’s what the society considered us. But that didn’t stop us. We started to work on that theory trying hard to somehow derive the governing equation or something, just something.”
“What was that theory Sir?” asked Tushar.
“I hope you know about the space-time continuum.”
Both nodded.
“I will try to make it as simple as possible. Let’s say that the top of this table represents the space-time blanket, and let’s consider the x axis as Time and Y axis as Space. Now whenever a particle in the universe moves it’s basically moving on this plane, and the coordinates change.”
“Yes! The X-Y-Z coordinates!” shouted Aman.
“Yes, to put it in a very easy manner. So the movement of the particle can be represented on this plane by a graph, which inadvertently would be a straight line.”
“Yes. We can’t move back in time or go to the future.” said Tushar.
“Brilliant!! So the movement can be traced as an equation. Your father came up with a theory that this equation can be changed. Every equation is a set of variables and if we change the values associated to these variables we can effectively change the equation.”
“So what are you suggesting?” asked a curious Tushar.
“So if we change certain variables in the right way we may attain a state such as x=constant” answered Verma.
“That means the particle would be at infinite places at the same instant!!” said Tushar, with his eyes wide open.
“After a lot of efforts we finally arrived at an equation which we believed was the equation, at least it appeared like it. Now the only thing we needed was an experiment to prove it. So he suggested that we make a machine, a machine that would set the variables as per the theory. We contacted the elites of the physics world, keeping in mind that we can’t yet tell them our secret, in order to gather the resources to build the machine. We needed sophisticated machinery to accomplish our task. And against all odds, using the most advanced of the technologies available to us, we did it. The machine was ready. When we first started the machine, it just made some sounds and that was it. We did not even know if it worked fine. But the experiment had to be done, so we tried it on animals, precisely cats. We put cats in the machine, one by one. The results were beyond our understanding. Some of them came out as if nothing had happened, nothing at all, which was a disappointment. Some on the other hand died, which wasn’t a great result either. Until one day, when I just thought of doing an autopsy of a random cat. What I found was something we were not ready for. The internal organs of the cat were exactly on the opposite side of that of a normal cat, a mirror image. It may have been from an alternate universe for all we knew. The only way to know more about the machine was to experiment more. So he decided to put a human to trial, but I was totally against it. I tried to stop your father but he was consumed by the idea of finding more.”
“I went to the lab to collect some item three days later” continued Verma. “I heard you crying from inside the machine. I could not understand what was going on; he was nowhere to be seen. After making you comfortable, I went through the CCTV recordings. He was there. He brought you to the lab himself. He then programmed the machine and took you in and shut the door.”
“He went in with me?”
“Yes he did. An hour after that I stepped in to the lab.”
“Where’d he go?” asked Tushar.
“That was the last time we saw him. I had no explanation. This was as new to me as anyone. I had no idea. He could have travelled time was my guess, but I could not prove it, or he went into some other version of the universe. I was absolutely clueless.” Verma kept talking.
“But you were a puzzle. I stayed with you for some time after shutting the lab for good. I tried to spend as much time as possible with you to understand you. But there wasn’t anything peculiar about you. You were just a normal child. After a long run of tests and studies I concluded that you somehow came out of it unharmed and unchanged.”
“But it isn’t true, what happened today was a result of it!” exclaimed Tushar.
“I believe that the experiment altered the configuration of your body at sub-atomic level, but it must be underlying hence it needed a trigger. We can conclude that seeing your friend in grave danger today, triggered your body to adjust to the configuration set by the machine.”
“Is that why he ran so fast?” asked Aman in a convinced tone.
“No Aman, I did not run fast, I was there at two places at the same time” answered Tushar.
“There are only two possibilities: Yes or No; I vote Yes!” said the professor.

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Yugal Badlani and Tushar Khade, living to see the world change.