The Fantastic Voyage of Dr. Green Thumb

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Week 1 - Grace:
The problem with traveling at light speed is you can’t see anything out of the windows. At 104.99% the speed of light, thanks to quantum physics getting those waves and particles to work together, the starlight simply can’t keep up. The crew gets a kick every time they ask me about it and I give them my definition. I humor them. Anyway, instead of stargazing, I guess I’ll watch those ancient musicals you slipped into my ruck-pack. I still remember the one about the lady and that bald king. I needed that bottle of wine to get through it, but of course, you loved every minute of it. You always love all things corny.
Fast Forward:
Day 2196 - Personal Log:
Current discoveries have shattered much of what science has held to be absolute, and our voyage is doing its part. That old scientific ‘fact’ that nothing can travel faster than light, turned out to be just an opinion. From now on, light-speed will be just a johnny come lately. Imagine that.
Day 2207 - Grace:
I always chuckled when you’d called me your Dr. Green Thumb. I still remember the moment you whispered to me, “You had me at hydroponics”. Growing the crew's chow, that’s my speed, that and writing an endless stream of letters to my love. I have no idea when all these messages will reach earth, if ever. They're going into our exclusive wing of the Main Library. Till then I’ll keep the crew healthy and fed. I’ll close with a couple of facts I’m quite proud of. I am part of a new generation of humans who have returned to living as nomads. What makes that true, is that the crew of the Horizon has punched a one-way ticket. We’ll see if the scientists are right about Azurea supporting life. Good with the bad right? Even though I often work with crew members, I feel quite alone without you. It’s just me, ‘the thumb and I’. lol.
Day 2211 - Personal Log:
I try every day to live up to what Grace sees in me. I’m pretty smart but even with the formulas, hell if I can fathom this time dilation stuff. The incomprehensible truth is that at the end of our 15-year voyage, wait for the kicker, 34,000 years will have passed on earth. That’s time dripping with dilation. Don’t drag it out. Flunk me now cause’ my brain just can’t grasp that. I do understand though, that I’ve caught one sweet ride. I’ll leave it to the crew to drive and I’ll stick to all things green.
Day2217 - Grace:
The New Horizon has been my home for 6 years now with 9 years left to go. It’s too long to be away from you, but so much longer for you Grace. How long was I at light-speed before you passed of old age, my love? Was it minutes, hours, maybe days? I can’t bring myself to do the calculations. The crew tries to keep me focused by reminding me of the big picture. Next stop Azurea! I can feel their excitement when they talk about it in meetings. For me, I just wish we would have had kids. One would have been enough. So, no family descendants would be there to greet me even if I did return, just a bunch of strangers in funny looking clothes. Depressed, time for that little orange pill. C'est la vie, we’re off to Azurea, or as the crew loves to chant, ‘we’re rollin’ with light in hot pursuit’.
Day 2237 - Personal Log:
A few wise thoughts, then I’ll snag a little hyper-sleep. All of humanities' prospects for intelligent life among the stars have failed to pan out. A small but growing faction of scientists is shaking the old order with a new scientific assertion. They claim that humans may, in fact, be the only intelligent life in the universe. There are only two possibilities: yes or no. So far it’s a big fat no.
If we are alone that would make the universe humanity’s personal backyard. If true, that 70’s songwriter turns out to be a prophet. He penned the song about his childhood memories that goes something like this. The backyard went on forever.

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Ronald Guell 70 and retired. Always wanted to try writing, and I have for a few months now. Published 'Keepin' It Fresh' @ FF short story society, contest #14. Email: