Five days, Five questions

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Rebecca was a curious girl who always relates her life with electrons protons and physics. Her questions always made Professor Shawn curious whether her question is making any sense or not.
Professor Shawn always after great thinking replies, “There are only two possibilities to your logic yes or no”
Day 1:
“Our bodies are all made up of atoms and atoms consist of electrons, protons, and neutrons. I always feel tired I think my electrons are too lazy to revolve all the time. May be there is a need to make a medicine that makes our electrons, feel active all the time”. Rebecca said to Professor Shawn.
And you think I don’t get tired because my electrons are too active to revolve all the time professor replied laughingly.
Yes, I would say Yes Rebecca said with quite confidence but I know you will be reply me with your same typical answer there are only two possibilities yes or no.
She went home but left his physics professor in deep thoughts.
Day 2:
Hey professor, my favorite plant is getting wilt day by day, I think there chlorophyll antennae are too old to capture packet of light what do you say ?
Professor Shawn: May be you are not watering your plant, why do you blame quantum and light for everything bad that happens to you.
Day 3:
Shawn consoled to Rebecca about her deceased 9 year old sister whom she was so attached too.
But poor Rebecca was lost in train of thoughts thinking may be her sister was made up of highly radioactive element having shortest half-life, which took her life so early.
She saw at her professor face who was continuously giving her calm words of condolences and she knew if she ask him that question he would reply same, there are only two possibilities yes or no.
Day 4:
Professor Shawn was waiting for her new question. Her wait ended when she arrived and said hey professor something is burning out in your kitchen.
Professor said I cannot smell anything Rebecca.
And she started to laugh and said may be because there is some hurdle between molecule that is responsible for odour and your nose receptor. The electron tunneling effect is disturbed at you end may be.
And professors begin to laugh too.
Day 5:
I am never going to talk to Mr. Johnson, he is too double faced, Shawn said furiously.
He was too hyper and was not expecting Rebecca to give scientific theory this time but Rebecca said “Quantum particles can exist in many different forms at once so you have seen his other side this time. It’s not his mistake that made you furious; it’s all the matter of physics playing with us, he might have got superposition effect while taking to you”.
His scientific logic at this moment made professor laugh so hard and he replied yes may be you are right because there are only two possibilities yes or no to your logic.

About the Author: 
I am faiza javed ,and this is my first story ever. I am currently teaching in my village as a secondary school educator(biology) in Government girls high school chakkamala district Gujrat Pakistan. I have completed my masters in Wildlife ecology from Quaid -e -Azam university Islamabad.