The future?

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Year 2947

Earth was set upon a path of self-destruct by people who ignored climate change. They say ‘History repeats‘, or rather they used to. But humans are intelligent. We learn from our mistakes. There exist only two nations now, Capitalists (CNation) and Socialists (SNation). As the world is one the brink of doom, these nations are in a race to invent time-travel. To travel back and fix the wrong decisions about Climate change and thus saving world. Sounds easy right? Just one piece missing from the puzzle, the time machine.

Both nations have hypothesized and experimented numerous theories. Over the years, they had both made ground-breaking discoveries that took them an inch closer to inventing time-travel. But it’s been long since either of them made any progress. Both were stuck. At this year’s annual conglomerate meet, both expressed the frustration of being at a standstill with their research. Thus, they came to a conclusion to share each of their findings and collectively brainstorm to break the threshold that’s stopping them.

It was agreed that both nations would send one researcher each with all their respective available findings to brainstorm in a room with zero interruptions or disturbances from the outer world. Alice from CNation and Bob from SNation.

Brainstorm Day -
Alice enters the room. Holding zettabytes of data, she asks Bob “Help me out here will you”, as he is sitting at the table.
Both have their data together and get settled to start with the work.

“Shall we begin?” asks Bob, his eyes gleaming with excitement.

“Yeah. Enough goofing around”, mutters Alice with a scowl.

Presuming she resents him due to the tension between the nations, “Hey! Our nations hate each other but we don’t have to. We are scientists. Let’s work together for the sake of our own curiosity. For the sake of science!” Bob replied enthusiastically.

“Alright! Let’s do this.” Alice grabs a chair and sits across Bob.

Both exchange their data and findings done over the years. Hours pass, both completely zoned-out reading each other’s work. As time goes by, the two of them seem to breed some kind of excitement.

A sound of blip catches their attention, “Oh, looks like it is lunch time!” said Bob looking at his smart watch.

“Had to keep it loud?” smirks Alice “Yeah I feel hungry too.”

Both pause their study and get the meals on the table. After a Q&A session to quench their curiosity about each other, they start discussing.

“You guys did some pretty amazing work all these years. What do you think of ours?” asks Bob.
“Not bad. Fog is clearing bit by bit” said Alice with a straight face holding in her excitement.
“Hmm” smiles Bob.

“I propose a thought-experiment which will determine whether we’ll successfully invent time-travel in the future or not” said Bob.

“Tell me” Alice asks.

“Not yet. First we need to finish studying the data”

They get back to their desks to study. After some long hours after completing the study, “So what is the experiment about?” asks Alice excitedly.

“Hold this” Bob passes a notebook. “So, now we both have these empty notebooks okay. These books will indicate whether or not we will successfully invent time-travel in the future”


“Getting there. Are you familiar with Sir Hawking’s experiment where he hosted a party for time-travellers to join him from future.”

“Yes I am. It was concluded that going in the past isn’t possible.”

“But now we’re sure that it’s theoretically possible. Just need to figure out the Engineering aspect. I think Sir Hawking did a small miscalculation”

“Which is?”

“If I were to invent time-travel I’d be cautious about sharing that technology. Rather I wouldn’t share it with anyone. For obvious reasons. Sure, I would love to go back and meet someone but I would never disclose about the time-machine. So, what I am saying is, if I host a party like Sir Hawking, the only person who can possibly show up is me. That’s if I invent the time-machine.”

“Got it! So we repeat that experiment?”

“Yes! All we have to do think and figure out how to invent a time-machine. If I get a good idea, I shall invent it in the future. And the future-me indicate it by leaving a note in this notebook. Same goes with you. Catching my drift?”

“Yes, yes. Let’s begin then, we shall check our notebooks after exactly an hour. I hope that is sufficient for you”

“More than enough!” raved Bob.

One hour has passed. Both look at each other. “Let’s check the books then, shall we?” said Bob

“This is like the Schrödinger's cat, the book is and isn’t empty at the same time” smiles Alice.

Bob goes through all the pages of the notebook and isn’t able to find a single mark of ink yet.

“Oh my god!” shrikes Alice as she reads ‘Kill her now’ from the notebook.

“Did you get it?! Let me see.” shouts Bob with eyes wide open.

As she is about to hand the book to Bob, she think ‘Will he kill me after seeing it? I have to shoot him before he does. But that would mean time-travel won’t be invented in the future with him gone. Do I save me or the world?’

Alice passes the book with trembling hands.

Bob open the book and reads it. His eyes gauge out with fear. He lifts his head up to look at her.

Blood splashes as a bullet hits his skull!

“Sorry, sorry, sorry” cries Alice as she recoils with trembling hands.

The words on the notebook won’t disappear with Bob’s soul. ‘This could only mean I created a multiverse. So, time-travel can exist in the future. Did I invent it? There can be only two possibilities: Yes or No. Maybe both? ‘

“Well played Bob! Your multiverse survived unlike mine. Genius!” Alice cries in anguish.

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