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The annual foot race was an important one for the campers at Norvida Summer Camp. It was a way for rookies and seniors all alike to prove their worth and ability through glory and grit, the prize being more valuable than any gold or trophy imaginable: to officially hold the title of "best camper" for the whole year with shower and boasting privileges.

The rules were simple, get from the starting line to the finish line as fast as possible. Basic racing rules. In between the lines, there are hills, cliffs, forests, rivers, coasts and the runners were to find their own path to the finish, which they were allowed to scout and train on in the month leading up to the event. And boy, did Alex train.

Well, not actually train, but days and weeks Alex have spent charting the fastest most efficient routes nature could offer. She scouted every nook, every cranny, every angle and little shortcut, anything that would spare her any little time that could make or break her glory. By the time the race rolled by, she had prepared one perfect, quick path along with multiple back up paths taking into account all the possibilities of backfire and failure. The plan was foolproof.

So why was she now stuck in a ditch after having fallen off a (thankfully) mini cliff she apperntly didn’t see while the other campers were scaling the hills on their way to victory? In all the places she could be, her body has chosen this path. But that could change, she could teleport. All she had to do was gather all the information and data in every single particle in her body and send it to the finish line where a new set of particles would be waiting to receive and write the information to form a whole new Alex, victorious, in turn destroying the current, pathetic, failure of an Alex lying a ditch as we know her. Wouldn’t that be a great idea?

Alex sighed and pulled herself and her body together. Continuing on on her foolproof path, she thought to herself, “at least I might not place last right?” And as she turned the last corner, there were only two possibilities: yes or no.

About the Author: 
A Student of School Of The Arts Singapore with little knowledge of quantum physics but a passion for writing and reckless competitive spirit.