God Does Play Dice With The World

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God threw the many-sided die. The number of sides was indeterminate, but each side had only one word on it. There are only two possibilities: yes or no. On the other hand, there are an infinite number of probabilities for each answer. The outcome would determine the answer to the ultimate question: does God exist?

Such a gamble! Russian roulette! If God wins or loses, does the world continue or cease?
Seize the day, or the night as the case may be.

Simultaneously, the Devil threw his die, hoping to hopelessly entangle the answer with his own.

The battle raged for days and nights; each throwing their die continuously and counting the answers. As the yes and no tally grew, the inevitable entangled maybe emerged as the most likely answer.

The sun rose and set, no maybe there. The stars winked and twinkled, with an occasional no-va to proclaim the negative. The black hole at the center, the strongest maybe in existence, ate stars and spun out of control, spraying radiation in random directions.

But who said there was only one universe? God had his own universe; the Devil had his – only occasionally did they overlap, where the answer was yes in both or no in both. God and the Devil spun, and drew dice, clay dreidels playing for keeps. Who would win which universe?

They might as well be playing for chocolates; both could create new universes in a blink, where yes or no might or might not matter. And who said the rules could not change? Petulant, each tried to one-up the other with arbitrary considerations, which are senior in any case to matter and energy.

Matter, energy, space and time. Location, location, location. Without a stable place to stand, throwing the dice was pointless. Reason abandoned, rationality gone, yes or no became meaningless, reduced to a cosmic maybe. God and the Devil finally reaching an entropic agreement – the physical universe doesn’t really matter; the only thing that matters is the decision of a living being to say yes or no, which one can do regardless of the outcome of the die.