Hand Book of Quantum Entanglements

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We met at the Garden Of Gethsemane Science Symposium. Obadiah was selling hot dogs and proselytizing the virtues of classic physics. Not a subject of great interest to me but I was hungry and the buffet was surrounded by my fellow string theorists making it all but impossible to navigate a decent meal, so I settled on the hot dogs. It was kismet.

We met in a Volcano in Iceland. It had erupted only a moment before, so the atmosphere was perfect for a quantum mechanic. You don't burn as long as you know how to juggle. I had work to do and a paper to prepare but Salome had other ideas...she just wanted to surf the probabilities of our existence while avoiding annihilation. Not the ideal assistant but I am a moth to her flame.

We met on a research ship. Micah was our Approved Traveller. He was refusing to return from the Worm Hole or so his string of doppelgangers and the occasional time zombie told us. They said he was holed up on some sweet little planet at a bar called The Leap of Faith. Now Mr. Extreme Gravity had to come back whole or his existence agreement would be null and void and he would just cease. I
could do that. I was determinate. Luckily for Micah he reemerged just as we were pushing past the rings of Saturn. He wasn't happy to be here only he didn't know how to be where he thought he really was. That’s what happens when you fail to secure your past, present and future with a decent contract. Also, he came back better looking so I forgave him the overdue report. He wants to buy me a drink.

There is a phrase written in the prologue of the Hand Book for Unforeseen Quantum Entanglements. There are only two possibilities, yes or no – energy feeds the illusion or the reality in any attraction. I find that simplistic. Opposites should kneel at the altar of science and demand that they embrace each others infinite possibilities. Connect the dots, explode on divergent wave lengths and bask together in the sun. But then again we physicists are such hopeless romantics.

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