Heisenberg Assassin

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“The first result said that someone was an assassin in the room, but now that we’ve scanned them all individually nobody comes up as the assassin.” The tech looked confused.

Mary stood at the open door of the van, waiting to command an elite team to swoop in on the unidentified target. “Well do the room scan again and let’s see what we get.”

“Alright, going to run it again, are you sure that no one has left the room?”

“Yes, all attendees are accounted for, though they are getting a bit restless, the ruse won’t work for much longer.”

The tech went back to the machine, “Huh…”


“We may have guessed exactly how the assassin was to assassinate the Senator.”

“Why do you say that?” Mary didn’t much like the new technology, even as effective as it was, it gave her the creeps.

“We put some pretty precise parameters about possible level of hate and the method of violence. Of course the likelihood of finding that exact set of parameters is as close to nil as you could get, so we usually throw in some noise to make the filter more sensitive.” The tech quickly looked at Mary and must have seen her folded arms, and looked back at the screen.


“So, we, er, I forgot to put any noise into the filter before it ran.”

“What does the noise do to make it more... sensitive?” She needed to tone down the sarcasm.

“Well it allows us to pick up on people that might not have the same level of loathing, or the same method of how to take out the Senator as we specified. I mean it does usually show that a room around a politician is full of loathing.” A weak chuckle.

“Does that mean there are only two possibilities: yes or no?”

“Right, but we must have been able to measure the intention very precisely, that is the quantum state, matched it no question. But in order to do that we altered the ‘momentum’ of the thought essentially altering it into an unknown state.”

Mary shuddered at the implication, “So that machine just removed the assassin’s intent to kill the Senator?”

“Yep, mission accomplished, agent. I guess.”

About the Author: 
Just a software engineer trying to code myself out of software.