Hopefully Yes

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Today was the day. His palms were clammy and his heart beat fast. He was sitting on the park bench waiting for her. He began to grind his teeth, to his surprise. Perhaps he did need to wear a mouth guard at night, as recommended by his dentist. He distrusted dentists and their expensive recommendations. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

He was finally going to propose. He had the scene all played out in his mind. He had even shaved his stubble. But doubt crept up in his mind. He had to stop himself from being optimistic. He had to be realistic and weigh all the options. The fear of rejection swelled up in his throat like cholesterol in an artery. To the customary four-letter question on the tip of his tongue, logically, there are only two possibilities: yes or no. Emotionally, however, he hoped the probability of a yes neared 99.99%. He reminded himself that she could refuse. Yet, had she not hinted at a marriage proposal for quite some time? When her friend had gotten engaged, she spoke about the ring and how she would prefer gold than silver, and hadn’t she asked if he agreed? As far as he was concerned, she had said yes. And no. Her answer was like Schrödinger’s cat. He was afraid of knowing, but not knowing was unbearable.

He suddenly spotted her in the crowd walking towards him. He sprung up to make sure she saw him. He took another deep breath and nervously pressed his hand against his back pocket. It wasn’t there. He had forgotten the engagement ring on his nightstand. He hadn’t considered that possibility.