I Am Waiting For You

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I am waiting for you in the dark, ominous sky, a few trillion light years away. I am waiting for you no matter where you go. I know your existence, passing through the dark space in which is full of mysterious dark matter and dark energy. No light, no sound, just endlessly trekking through a dark, silent tunnel, vision blinded by pure, tangible black. Where are you? Do you know I am waiting for you?
We live a Brane world; I know you and look forward to meeting you, yet I cannot pass through an invisible Brane wall, forever condemned in this nightmare. We are parallel but alone. We are the prisons of ourselves, in minds and matters. I crave every message from you; internet, phone call, even letters written in your beautiful script. I can smell your fragrance like the scents of blooming spring blossoms.
Taoism says the world is nothing, but I know emptiness is fraught with quantum fluctuation. Do you like the world with uncertainty and more energy? At least I long for a challenging life with X.
I have been seeking you for long time. I know the entangled space can help us identify each other in spite of separation by space. Inverse square law says the force in our world of three space dimension is factor of 2, but if you hid in 9 space dimension, your force drops to 2^8, 256. Believe me, I still seek you although you are so feeble without more interaction with the other world. That is your advantage of character. Love is selfish and determined.
Did you give me a surprise last month? Somebody told me they detected a gravitation wave from Neutron-Star Crashes. Is it your sound and image? Are you crying or singing? Why did you give a direct message through quantum entanglement? Ancient Chinese people believe the telepathy of messages between different minds. Why did you teleport your information to me directly? Do you know I am waiting for you in great anxiety?
There are only two possibilities: Yes or no. I hope that it is yes.