I Heard the Call

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I heard the call, the call for help. I find myself in a room, surrounded by beings. The only face I can make out is one of a koala. I feel their ancient, benevolent presence. I knew that this council of beings were in charge of my mission, the overseers of my soul contract – the details of which I would not decipher until many years later.

They told me that HE was human. I searched my consciousness for the shape of a human. I could not. Strange images flashed in my mind: colours, shapes, visions of strange landscapes and beings in all shapes and sizes, but however much I tried I could not fix upon the likeness of a human: its form, and its colours; only fleeting impressions of otherworldly things. They told me that my soul would merge with his, my uncle, who died before I was born. My grandmother dreamt that his soul would come back to her as a little girl. They told me that he wished to live again, to be with our family and bring them comfort after his tragic death. Our two worlds collided, our paths entwined, forever altered by the quantum entanglement of our souls. It was only later I would learn that he would leave, when I was 19. I knew the moment it happened, when I was close to death. He left, but I was fully in my body, no longer sharing it with him. Suddenly I was alone, lost and disorientated. I had agreed to fulfil his contract, should he be unable to complete it. They also told me that in order to exist in the physical, sub astral realm and complete my mission I would need to have certain adjustments made to my being.

I always knew I was not normal, that my inner experiences could not be fathomed by those around me, let alone myself. There was always the presence of that nagging feeling of a forgotten task, something I’m meant to do. Something important…

I’m dreaming. I’m on a craft, with them, the red-haired beings. Masks cover their lower features, and all I see are their beautiful large green eyes. They’re working on me. They insert a metallic implant into my etheric shoulder blade… or am I in my physical body on board this craft? They fit some kind of filter over my retinas – they say it is similar to a contraceptive device: something to stop me absorbing the frequencies of the others – those who seek to control the masses with hypnotic technologies that would keep them paralysed in fear, unable to break free of this physical realm and siphoning the negative emotions of humanity and using them for their own wicked ends. They would be blocked from impregnating my thoughts.

The beings turn me upside down, it makes me dizzy. Straw-coloured fluid drips from my neck. The visceral feelings of this are so overwhelming and strong, so much so that I pass out. I wake up in my everyday physical reality. I now know this to be cerebrospinal fluid – I am told that they need to drain it, as it’s been tainted, and they need to replace it. It acts as a conductor of energies throughout the physical vessel, and has a vital part to play in directing the life energies and wisdom of the soul, radiating through light and sound frequencies that are transmitted throughout the physical body – the very Breath of Life.

This was not an ordinary dream. Something was done to me. Everywhere I walk I see metallic screws in pavements, reminding me of the implant. I’m terrified, but something deeper within me knows that these beings are helping me so I can continue my mission.

I am later told that the implant emits very specific frequencies that are needed by the people of earth at this time. This advanced technology turns me into a walking antenna, and I am not the only one. I feel these energies radiating from me, quantum particles emitting photons that have the power to change the molecular structure of all that come into contact with them. I am told that wherever I walk, I leave these particles for passers-by to absorb. The reason: to change the rate of vibratory motion within their atoms, increasing the angstrom units of every living thing. When the atoms vibrate at a higher frequency, great healing can occur, both in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies, enabling the people of earth to break free from the chains that bind them in misery, allowing us freedom of choice and unrelenting happiness and ease. It feels good to be part of this, and brings me deep peace. However, this leaves me with so many questions about the nature of reality.

I see myself in a dream. I am looking through many windows. In each window, there are an infinite number of my other selves, all existing within a multiverse. There is a ‘me’ for each decision I have ever made, each creating its own universe. Each self has a different ending, each decision leading to a different outcome. In one I am lying on a hospital bed, my arm connected to a chemotherapy drip. In another, I am shot in the head: I feel no pain, but a jolt and the very distinct sensation of shifting into a higher frequency of being. I faint, and wake up in my current reality.

The question is: is any of this real? There are only two possibilities: yes or no. How can we be so sure of the accurateness of our perceived reality? The dreams feel so real, sometimes more so than my physical life. The only thing I have learned is that nothing really matters but love – how much you love, and how much you are loved. Love transcends the physical realm; it continues after death, a phenomenon in a world where matter itself does not really exist.

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