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Anu holding her cat ,cried, "Help!" She thought she saw a demon,she ran through penrose stairs. Suddenly the cat disappeared when she looked at it.
"Anu wake up! its getting late!" Mom yelled.
"Oh! its just a dream" ,she sighed. She knew them , Maxwell's demon and Schrodinger's cat. Now she has started dreaming in Physics ! She smiled and got up. She was lost in thoughts, How time flies! She remembers ,she and her brother were doing science projects at weekends guided by their father, who was a string theorist. Her mother would amaze them by knitting Klein bottle like shapes. She grew up mesmerizing in the fractal beauty of Physics. Her father asked ,"Do you want to take this seriously? " There are only two possibilities , yes or no. She chose Yes. She was in love with Physics.
Now its an important event in her life, she is appointed as a research assistant at a prestigious university. She leaves her home in a suburb ,for finding her future ,where groundbreaking discoveries are born. They research on quantum teleportation, hacking a Quantum Computer by decoherence,Tapping energy by Casimir effect, manipulating arrow of time using quantum Eraser experiments, developing FTL using EPR paradox,Quantum gravity,warp drives, mimicking human brain using Quantum neural networks, decrypting consciousness using Orch-OR theory etc. They used to be in the realm of science fiction but not any more. Science advances exponentially.
She was thrilled.She got ready in a jiffy, packed things up.She always wondered on the mysteries of Nature and life. Information and geometry are the keys to uncover nature but what about life? She was lucky to be born in this Universe, but what is the purpose of this world, one , in the domain of multiverses? Is it an illusion as holographic theory says? Any way she liked to ponder on these questions. Her main area of research was Time crystals. She manipulated them in the quantum foam which lead to some exotic behavior shown by them.
She missed her family. Tears rolled down her cheeks. Her brother joked, "We are all entangled , don't worry !" She hugged her parents and bid them goodbye , only to start a new journey, to the world of uncertainties.She was happy and sad , superposition of emotions.
Did Time dilate or was it Zeno's effect?
She didn't know.Cool breeze embraced her as the car moved on.

About the Author: 
Aiswarya Ramachandran Student of Physics, Govt Victoria College,Palakkad, Kerala, India. Interested in Science and Philosophy.