Last Call

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Last Call

The Chancellor of the Games, appearing in ceremonial display, intoned the emblematic harmonic signaling final Call of the metaGames/291. This had been a good round; the Offering was played well into the 3rd cycle before all but two remaining teams of Initiates had bounded-out. Now the leaders of these Two were in-bound to the final's arena to see who came closest to Synchrony}. The winning Call would then become the initial Offering in the next round. This was Evolution perfected. This was the way to Synchronicity}.

Reappearing just beyond the heritage hologram, a faceting celebration of winners past, the Chancellor assumed the dais, illuminated this period's Offering, and then dutifully summoned the Two forward.

"Initiates, this is final Call, have the Two melded in mutual consent?"

The Two responded in unison, "We are in mutual consent."

"Then proceed," the Chancellor replied in turn.

The Call was presented to the Archivist, who upon assuming the dais, unsealed the results, and read: "Chancellor, the Two have in-bound in mutual consent, but… not in accordance with the continuity of these Games."

He paused, then cautiously continued, "The Offering was cycled through 4th tier quantum protocols, with the application of full spectrum indexing, and conclusively determined to be in… classical default."

The Archivist looked over to the Chancellor, glanced at the Two, then returned to the results, declaring, "The Two Call metaGame/291 asynchronous."

The Chancellor, visibly distressed, attempting in some manner to contest the unequivocal status of this most unfortunate conclusion, challenged the Two, inquiring further, "so… you find the Offering asynchronous, and yet… are you… you are affirming mutual consent, correct?"

Of the Two, one responded, "Yes, we are in mutual consent, but classically melded. We find Offering/291 results in a discontinuity—there are only two possibilities: yes or no."

Stunned astonishment resounded immediately across the ComField network. The protocols high Council was in coherent disbelief. Never since the inception of the Games had a total negation of the spectrum index been indicated. It had been determined long ago that the last remaining possibility of a binary outcome bounded-out in Game/8. Ever since First Sight—the dawning of the omni-galactic era, the promise of Synchrony} had always been sustained.

For the non-Initiated, very briefly, First Sight was when the ComField network was first illuminated making instantaneous interplanetary communication possible. Instantaneity was first realized with the discovery of Simultaneity—the universal standing wave (~) along the electro~magnetic axis. Following illumination, conscious beings on solar systems throughout the galaxy appeared. With the advent of intercultural modal translation, the ComField network became host to an emergent aspiration for conscious Synchrony}, hence the metaGames.

Back within the metaGame arena, the Chancellor, still visibly stunned, placed final Call on deferral while the protocols Council analyzed the results. Never before had the entire middle range of probabilities been excluded. It was a trusted tenent of the Games, proven well into the 4th tier, that all uncertainty was contained in the spectrum index. And yet, the Two had now Called this period's Game impossibly otherwise.

It wasn't long before the highest order analytics confirmed that as improbable as it was, all uncertainty had indeed vanished, but for at least this one exception—Game/291, which was apparently absolutely indeterminate. By the time the high Council declared a classical Call could not be denied under the existing protocols, and this round would proceed, the profundity of its outcome had already penetrated to the virtual core of the Synchronist} community.

Final Call was reconvened, the players in-bounded on their ComField nodes, quorum consent was confirmed, and the metaGame harmonic was intoned. The Chancellor again assumed the dais, withdrew the Offering, and proclaimed, "As the Two have affirmed melding in mutual consent, and Called these Games asynchronous, all subsequent Offerings are void, and therefore, I declare Call/291 the last Call of these Games."

There would be no metaGame/292. A classical outcome meant the promise of conscious Synchronicity} had encountered a discontinuity and suddenly vanished. The Games were to be suspended until hopefully somewhere, someone, found some way to advance.

The Two in-bounded front and center, positioned their pendants on the Offering threshold, and then as the heritage hologram resolved into a luminous translucent sphere, in a display of solemn acceptance, yielded to the Chancellor's Last Call:

"Castalian Order: you are designated 'yes' - heads."

"Tannhauser Gate: you are designated 'no' - tails."

And the singularly minted ceremonial coin in the luminous vacuum sphere was placed in magnetic suspension to flip forever in symbolic indeterminacy.

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Tom Ransom is retired, lives in East Lansing, MI, and omni-casts on