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I dislike streets crowded with bustling people and large, noisy vehicles roaring down broad highways. Relocation to a new, peaceful, beautiful small town had been nagging at my mind for years now. After many years of hard work, I earned enough and purchased a lovely house in Q Town. I had never been to this town until an agent contacted me and showed me the pictures of this big house. Then I bought it and moved in.
Will I satisfy the new life of mine in Q Town? There are only two possibilities; yes or no.
About one month into my new life in Q Town, I decided to visit a library that my new neighbour had told me about. My neighbor was a very nice, elderly woman, who spoke in a clear, American accent. I did not inquire her occupation when we met in my beautiful garden.
The library was made of pure glass, the unique, warped walls reflecting different geometric shapes. Sometimes the shape looked like fractal patterns. When I approached it, with one first, brief its shape changed to flowing wave at once. I bathe in the blue sea wave with the breeze. Is it my illusion?
“A mirage?” I murmured curiously under my breath as I stepped into the building.
Some visitors of the library sat on a long bench, glaring at a blank, white wall. A cluster of young kids looked down the round tables made of steel, nothing on them, yet the children paid great attention to the surface, seeming to look for something.
“Hi, I am the new resident of Q Town.” I greeted to the only librarian in the spacious hall. No other employees in sight. She smiled at me.
“What are they doing” I asked the librarian. The children and the wall-staring people had shifted their eyes away from the round tables.
“They are reading books and magazines.”
“What? No any books and magazines are there.” I was surprised, bewildred.
The librarian smiled knowingly. “We have a special library here in Q Town. Here there is not any physical books and magazines like what you usually see. Our library central system scans all books and magazines and stores information in any place in the library, including the wall, benches, and round tables. Any readers with ID can read all information with the eyes through quantum teleportation, which transmits information without physical touches.
She gave me a new ID with the word Qubit printed in neat block letters on it, and ushered me to the library central system. I gaped at the immense computer screen with flashing blue and red lights.
“Welcome to you!” The computer said, “Do you need help with anything?”
“Could I loan a few books?” Feeling slightly dumb for talking to a computer, I showed my book lists to the glowing screen.
“OK, no problem, done.”
“What? I did not complete loan recording with you.”
“You have finished it with your brain through my algorithm programming.”
“The date of loan and return date is kept in your brain. All information of these books have been stored in your mind,” the computer recited swiftly. “The period of loan is two weeks, all information of books will automatically be depleted from your brain at the due date. ”
I perceived the flowing wave of information continuously into my eyes and was miraculously able to read them as usual. It was the same as that wave that I encountered before I entered the library.
“They are the books I borrowed.”
One of my friends, a physics professor of quantum information introduced his research work about no cloning theorem and the no-deleting theorem to me in spite of the fact that his words made no sense to me. I shook my head, smiling sadly at him.
I have been doing my new job in Q Town. I even forgot to read the books that I loaned from the library. One Sunday afternoon, having finished all my house chores for the day, I plopped down on the sofa and suddenly the books (and their due dates) popped into my mind. Then, poof! Just like that, they abruptly disappeared, leaving no trace.
I hate extremely cold weather in North America. With the alert of extremely cold weather by the media, my body felt frozen. Trying to take my mind off the chilling temperature outside, I walked to the hall of the library and looked around. I did not see any heaters there.
“Where are heaters in the library?” I asked that same librarian. She merely blinked.
“Our library does not have any heaters.”
“What? No heaters on such a cold day?”
“Do you know Zero Point Energy?” she began to explain, “the lowest temperature possible, nothing has zero energy. In these conditions, particles and fields are in their lowest energy state, with an energy proportional to Planck’s constant.” I shook my head in confusion.
“Our library offers heating by itself, Zero Point Energy, and then more energies generated.”
“That is great. There will be no more energy wars between different governments,” I said.
“What?” She looked at me with confusion.
“I mean any countries put much more effort for taking as many energy resources as possible in the world.”
“Nothing happened here.” She smiled.