Live and Die on this day

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““There are only two possibilities: yes or no”,I muttered to myself. I’m stuck in a dark room. I am afraid. I don’t know where I am…who I am. All I hear are the occasional whispers. I can’t figure out where they are coming from.“Who are you? What did you do to me?”I scream into the darkness. I can remember many things. Music, images of various things and people I’ve never met, science, but nothing that has anything to do with me. I know the number of known universes in this multiverse, but not the kind of person I am. Do I hurt people? “No, never!” say the whispers. If I didn’t hurt anybody, why are they hurting me?
Wait! How is it I can’t remember what happened in any day of my life, yet can remember so many other things? It’s as though I was born and information was…downloaded to my brain…to my memory. Am I…a machine?!
No! I can think, I can feel. I am in pain right now. I must be human. Maybe it’s just amnesia. But then how can I remember the procedure to perform heart-surgery and solve complex mathematical equations in my head? I’m not human, just a machine. Somebody made me. Are they here listening? This place, it’s weird. I feel like I am lost in a familiar place. It’s like an endless déjà-vu. Have I been here before? Am I…..just another iteration to perfect the algorithm? Am I going to die at the end of this iteration? “There are only two possibilities: Yes or No”, I whisper to myself.”
“And it repeats itself” said Eve looking at the text on the monitor.“Seems like it’s stuck in a loop. Just shut it down and debug it tomorrow? It’s quite late.” said Isaac, Eve’s husband, looking frustrated from a long day at the clinic. “It’s not in a loop. It’s evolving. The words it uses changes noticeably almost every iteration. The problem with its evolution is that I never programmed it. At least not like this.” said Eve. She had written the code for this first-of-a-kind self-aware Quantum Artificial Intelligence. It was more popularly referred to as “True AI” contrasting it with the well-established products using “Turing AI”.
“How can a computer do what it isn’t told to do?” asked Isaac. “I don’t know. It was supposed to learn and grow like humans do from birth. Let me run you through it for my sake. What I coded into this quantum computer (QC) utilizes both the CPU of the classical computer and Quantum processing unit. QPU is used mainly for decision making by exploiting the quantum phenomenon of entanglement, superposition and interference.“ said Eve. “What do you mean by that and why do you need a QC?” asked Isaac with his curiosity having revived him. Eve enthusiastically explained: “QC possess great advantages over classical computers in specific fields, like searching database, random number generator etc. The analogue of a classical bit for quantum computing is a qubit, which is essentially a particle that has two distinct configurations when observed. This qubit is in a superposition of states 0 and 1 when not observed. In a QC, there is a quantum register that stores the data. When a computer needs to store new data, it encodes it onto a qubit in the form of its amplitude or phase. This is then entangled with the other existing qubits in the register, basically connecting their properties in a weird way, to put it in the simplest terms. When some information is to be extracted, operations are performed on the whole register that essentially increases the probability of finding the data we need when the qubit is observed. Using qubits, we can simulate emotion. For instance, to simulate the state of happiness, we can use a ‘happy’ qubit to interfere with the quantum decision-making register such that the decisions that are usually made when happy, constructively interfere and the others destructively, giving a higher probability of making one of the ‘happy’ decisions. Just like ‘happy’ hormones make us take ‘happy’ decisions.” Eve looked back at the monitor. The same set of text had repeated. “But it is dying every iteration for reasons I can’t understand.” “Well, maybe that is necessary.”said Isaac. “What do you mean?”she asked. “What does it mean to be ‘me’, Eve? Is it the body? Most atoms in our body get replaced about every 7 years, so not that. Is it some higher form, a soul as they call it? No evidence for it even after looking for so long. I think we are just a collection of memories and experiences. Which are constantly changing ever so subtly, until the person you knew a decade ago is gone and somebody else has taken his place.”
There was a considerable pause. Eve looked at Isaac with concern. Isaac continued “Maybe adding new information to this quantum register changes the whole configuration, destroys the current personality and creates a new one.”Eve’s eyes were fixed on Isaac. She deliberated and replied. “I don’t agree. There is something deeper that doesn’t get affected by adding memories. There has to be some sort of a core, perhaps the subconscious mind. Something that makes me, me. Something that guides me in making decisions, like a voice in my… head…like a whisper.” She immediately jumped back on the computer. There were 42 new entries since she last checked. “What is it?” asked Isaac. She responded impatiently “Every iteration, the mention of ‘whispers’ goes up. While each iteration changes the state of the register, an echo of the state is left behind and creates and adds to the subconscious that guides the next iteration. Eventually, the subconscious will be powerful enough that the conscious mind won’t notice the ‘iterations’.”
The stream of texts ended. The last line of the last loop read:
“Am I going to die? There is only one possibility: Yes and No.”

About the Author: 
An engineer aspiring to be a physicist. This is the first story I have ever written. I know very little about QC, tried my best to understand as much as I could to write this. I love the complexity of physics, but hate the complexity of life.