The Lonely Being

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A being once ruled the dark in absolute solidarity with only the cry of his violin to comfort him in his infinite blankness. The melodies were absolutely lovely as he played the classics, special relativity in C Minor, black whole concerto, and my personal favorite, super-string symphony. One fine black and matter less morning, the artist was lonely and sad and he tried for so very long to find the tune that would expressed his disposition. Among the wines of whimpers of the old strings of that violin he found it. A pitch so high and so tense that even the Nebula, its compact stubborn self, would get all spun up and complain. And yet, as the thing in which clocks track ticked and ticked, the old being grew more and more lonely. And so he played louder and angrier and sadder until one day the nebula got so mad that it heated up, started spinning our of control, atoms within colliding with other atoms forming things that nothing in the dark matter had ever seen before. It was pure amazing and destructive. However, it built something that was so beautiful. So in much delight, the old being, now filled with pleasure at his new creation, ensured that as particles were made of all shapes, sizes, ups, charms, weak, and strong, that they all had a little piece of him...a little bit of his strings. Even today, if you watch the infinitesimally small and listen to natures beautiful orchestra, you will notice these strings vibrating to the sound of that old being sounding his violin and enjoying the new found company in the cosmos. On windy days, as the reader sits, watches, and hears the whistle of the wind as it oppress the trees in their place, I hope that you will hear gently, the melodies of the old being playing Vivaldi and know that the nature is under the influence of the strings. One day, will the modern scientists of the world be able to fully understand the harmony of the strings that make up the fabric of our existence? For that, there are only two possibilities, yes or no.

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Cybersecurity Engineer with a passion for physics.