Magic Garden

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I looked out at my beautiful garden from the window reflecting the shadow of Sunday sunlight in serenity. All particles are described by wave function. Position and momentum do not define value until they are observed. Wave function determines the possibility of each observation. Beautiful wave function patterns floated in my brain. A true daydream! But it slipped away from me immediately, leaving behind an untouched light which is an existence of particle and wave. Particles fuse together, as the sun turns hydrogen in helium through a quantum tunnel, shining ever so radiantly.
A photon collides with an electron in a leaf. The electron, pushed by this energy boost, starts to bounce around. It makes its way through the leaf’s cell, and passes on its extra energy to a molecule which fuels the plant. Photosynthesis create energies for life on Earth! People smell the delightful fragrance of these beautiful flowers and green plants in my garden in short summer and appreciate their warm, golden tones in autumn.
I relaxed in the balmy sunlight.
“What is that?” I noticed a big and bright red flower bouquet glimmering on a shadowy branch. I do not know its name. Then, in the blink of an eye, it changed to yellow. Then, purple, then blue. I stood there for a few minutes, watching it in amazement. Beautiful music tinkled in the air.
“Did you notice something strange in our garden?” I asked my family that night. They frowned, thinking, then shook their heads.
The next Sunday, the occurrence of the same things perplexed me. “An illusion,” I murmured to myself.
My brain was haunted with the music from the flower bouquet in my garden. I sensed it, happy and sad.
“Doctor, something must be wrong. I don’t know what is happening.”
The doctor smiled at me.
He examined my body and tested me with a few psychological questions.
“Everything is normal. Do not worry about it.” The doctor said.
“But how can explain what I see and hear?”
He smiled. “Quantum entanglement. It is very interesting. An action performed on one will affect the outcome of an action performed on the other.”
“Do you mean humans can affect plants’ colours and physiology?”
“There are only two possibilities; yes or no." He smiled at me.