The Marriage Proposal

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There once was a city, where there were two kinds of people. Alice, and Bob. Now here, every Alice had a Bob, and everyone lived there happily. Many of these couples were school sweethearts with romantic stories behind their relationship. However, much of the bulk of these relationships were facilitated through the transmission of information which often varied and would switch, and this information was often thought to be the strong interaction between the couples. However, the set of Alice and Bob that would lead the bulk of the story proceeding is one that slowly started relying instead on more materialistic objects, slowly becoming bigger and heavier as time moved on. This was often known, by a common majority, as weak interaction, which unknown to the both of them, was slowly putting a strain and decaying their relationship.

Have you faced a huge decision that would have changed your current way of life? How about smaller yes/no decisions? Such decisions are very much common, but a huge horror for many of us. This was no exception for this Alice, a woman currently faced with a marriage proposal by her long-time boyfriend, Bob. At first, this may not seem like a bad thing, and may even be considered a wonderful event. However, upon further inspection, one would realize that this was one of the most ironic things that could have happened, seeing as Alice was no longer interested in Bob, due to the rapid decay in their relationship recently, and had called for the appointment between them to cut ties with him. Alice was definitely not expecting a proposal by Bob. Here we can see that both Alice and Bob had completely different sets of information that they were trying to transmit to each other.

Alice and Bob had been, like many of the people they knew, school sweethearts, and many would expect Alice to say yes, without any question. Following classical physics laws, there are only two possibilities: yes or no. By some pleading on her part, Alice was able to obtain some time to herself to make her decision. In this state, Alice was suddenly in a third possibility, a superposition where she was both Yes and No.

The proposal had made her second guess her decision to break up with him. However, she still had every reason to say no, following her near background count radiation left of love for Bob. This space for the decision was currently given to her in the form of some time between them to think over this. Though the current decision put her in a state of superposition, however, the box with Schrödinger’s cat had to be decoded someday, and their relationship status changes the moment Alice decides.

Here, we hold the assumption that the two of them are entangled since they are in a relationship. Therefore, the moment Alice makes her decision, the situation would hold true for both Alice and Bob, and their relationship would either be one that lasts forever – assuming marriage is an agreement to always be together – or one that would end that instant.
Until Alice answers Bob, the situation that the two of them have found themselves in is extremely awkward. An uncommon sight between the used-to-be tight couple.

When Alice had first realized that her feelings towards Bob were no longer what it used to be, Alice, one that preferred to keep a low profile, had suggested going to an old café that the two of them frequented back when they were both in a relatively healthy relationship. It is a place that held many happy memories for the both of them. It was a place with the perfect setting that allowed both of them to flow at their own pace, with its calming music, friendly faces and dimly lit atmosphere. However, there was never an ability to understand how each other had felt. If Alice had known Bob’s energy level that particular day, she was never able to locate his exact location, but if she knew of Bob’s exact location, she could never tell what he was feeling. Nevertheless, they enjoyed the time they spent in the café.

Another odd thing about this pair was their incessant need to communicate in letters. These letters would always be in a different colour from what had been received and would decide the particular trail of the relationship. Sometimes it brought them closer than they already were. Sometimes, it brought them further apart. However, the information inside these letters was always kept inside them. However, slowly the letters started becoming less frequent, instead Alice was more likely to receive a flower or a teddy bear and Bob was more likely to receive another action figurine or another technological device, and less information about each other and their lives were transmitted, purring an unknowing strain on their relationship, causing it to slowly decay. So when the first letter in a long time, the proposal, was written out and placed in front of Alice, it could likely have gone both ways. It could both have stirred up memories of their previous relationship with each other, or it could have enforced the current disparity between them due to intense decay. Even before Alice had finished expressing her reply, Bob understood her intentions. Outside the café, many of their old schoolmates looked upon the two in pity, watching as a single tear could be seen running down Bob’s face as Alice turned around, entering a space outside the black hole of memories that she had, forever becoming a real particle wandering the universe. A decision made after forsaking the third option.

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