The Multiverse Date

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I sat alone at my usual seat, at my usual table, inside the usual coffee shop I frequented; which was and still is called Perk Me Up. Some of the patrons were unusual and they still may be. The town it’s situated in is the same as the one I lived in then and now; Milton. It’s named after the old paper mill and not the ancient Paradise Lost, or was it Hell Has Been Found author. I sat there with my enjoyable pumpkin spice latte, which was not an unusual offering that time of year.

My mind weighed heavy on past events that conjured up old feelings of disappointment, heart break, regret, sadness, and deep depression. Introverts do this a lot, especially when coupled with anxiety. Wallowing is a past time to us. This playing over and over in my head past negative situations was giving me a splitting headache. My stewing and dwelling wasn’t helping my allergies either, which were acting up severely that day.

I, Thomas Andrews, had relationship problems. The problem was that I wasn’t in one and all past relationships hadn’t lasted long. It wasn’t that I didn’t love my past girlfriends; I loved them too much too soon. Being clingy will do that every time. The tighter you hold onto something, or someone, you lose them. I’ve lost tremendously in my life.

I slowly sipped my delicious and expensive hot beverage. My thoughts focused on how to permanently stop my clinginness. Change was very necessary. Then my thoughts concentrated upon the ideal woman for me. She would accept me as I truly was and am, a work in progress. She may even help me to improve. My eyes closed to visualize her. No face appeared only swirls of colors. Oh well I thought.

A thunderous boom sounded and my eyes flew open. The floor swayed wildly in the non earthquake zone also known as my hometown. From my vantage point at the front of the cafe relief settled in that there was no carnage as I scanned the room. My attention peered towards the back where a figure appeared out of nowhere. My relief turned to fear. Nobody else seemed to notice her ghostly arrival. Most were under their tables.

“Hello handsome,” she said as she approached me. “Do you mind if I join you?”

I was silent so she added, “There are only two possibilities: yes or no.”

“Yes you may join me,” was my shocked and stammered reply.

“You come in here a lot,” was her statement rather than a question.

“Yes, but how do you know that? I’ve never seen you here before.”

“I’ve seen you before. I get around to plenty of places. I’m not what you’d call a contained being. I believe in randomness” She smiled and sat down hard. Her sweet smelling perfume stunned me further.

“Not confined. Does that mean you are single?” I inquired not really caring just being polite.

She laughed and said, “I’m single but not confined means I’m everywhere I choose to be.”

“A free spirit that’s the way to be,” I said and grinned.

“A free spirit is all anything can be really.”

“Well, only if they choose to be. They can choose otherwise,” I reasoned.

“Otherwise is unnatural. Tell me more about you,” she inquired genuinely or so I hoped it was genuine.

We talked for a few minutes. She reached into her black leather purse and fished for her lipstick. As she applied ruby her eyes changed from brown to blue instantly. Her hair grew about three inches in mere seconds. The strangest thing was that the once alluring brunette had become a gorgeous blonde without any noticeable dark roots.

“How did you change like that?” I asked right after I had jumped out of my antique wooden chair. Pine maybe.

“Don’t you know? Aren’t you a science enthusiast?” She grinned large.

“I enjoy science fiction novels, stories, and films. I’ve read quantum physics texts too but please don’t ask me to do the math. I really don’t know what’s going on here,” I confessed.

“You won’t have to do any math,” she promised. “I’m your ideal girl from different universes in the multiverse.”

“You’re what from where?” I asked again with a stammer. “I think you must be a figment of my imagination. Your shaking entrance must have knocked me out and I’m dreaming.”

She winked and said, “I’m actually pigments of creation. No different from anything else.”

“How can this be? This defies logic. It may even defy physics.”

“It may defy the physics you know about, but then again you’re not a scientist and even they don’t know everything. My being doesn’t disobey the quantum science I know very well about,” she explained and me not even half believing her.

“I don’t know what to do here,” I admitted with shrugged shoulders.

“Why don’t you just enjoy the moments together? Life is very much like electrons, one time you’re here and the next you’re not.”

I decided to agree with her proposal and assessment. I’m very glad I did as we had a good time. She was a beautiful girl who seemed into me. During our pleasant conversation she transitioned a number of times. For a while she was a cute red haired girl. Then she morphed into a slightly older than me woman with raven hair. She was an African Canadian woman for a spell. I really loved the time with her oriental incarnation.

We talked and laughed. We relished our lattes and sandwiches. Both of us passed on dessert, though the lemon squares were quite tempting. She was a very nice woman of various cultures, hair colors and styles, shapes, and sizes. She was one entity in the universe that encompassed all. She kept the name Gabriella every time.

She then disappeared right before I was about to ask her to the movies. The other patrons were somehow oblivious.

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I`ve recently returned to writing after several years hiatus. In my spare time I write novels, short stories, and lyrical poems. I also have learned guitar the past two years. My dream is to become a successful published author and writer.