Mysteries of the Multiverse

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My last class was almost over. After 75 minutes of watching the clock, I only had 5 minutes left of this tedious physics lesson. A stern voice interrupted my fixed gaze on the clock.

“Jessica, are you listening to me?”

I wasn't.

To make something grim even worse, we’re being taught one of the worst topics; Quantum Mechanics. I couldn’t wait to drop this class and never do it again.

I counted down the last seconds of the class as the big hand of the clock approached 12.
3.. 2.. 1.. “RINNGGG”

Saved by the bell - time for the weekend! Finally, a break from thinking about entanglement or superposition or whatever the teacher was babbling on about. I was getting into Dad’s car and I felt a weird sensation; almost as though I was being watched. Confused, I quickly dismissed it, deciding it was nothing.

Chatting with Dad in the car, I forgot about the strange situation. That was until I heard a noise.
Again, I quickly dismissed it and just blamed it on my tiredness after the long week. I tuned back in to Dad’s conversation, until I was abruptly shocked from our chat. I felt a tap on my shoulder. Looking round, I jumped. Someone was sitting in the back of the car.

She seemed familiar.
Was it… me? I rubbed my eyes, but still, the person mirrored myself.
The person in my car, was me.

Was my mind playing a trick on me? That physics lesson was really confusing after all. Had physics finally turned me mad?
No. I was adamant. There really was another version of me in my car. Did I have a secret twin that my parents forgot to tell me about?

“WHO ARE YOU? And... why are you in my car?”, I angrily shouted at my double.

“I’m Jessie and I’m from another universe!”, the lookalike squealed excitedly. “I can’t believe It’s you!”

“Sorry, what?”. I stared at her, annoyed.

“Sorry, I’m just SO excited! Let me introduce myself properly. My name is Jessie, and I’m a version of you from a different universe. I’m on a mission to save my universe. I’ve been travelling through the multiverse via wormholes in search of new universes that will be able to populate my race, because my universe is undergoing a crisis. ‘The BIG FREEZE’! We have too much dark energy, and it’s causing my universe to expand too rapidly, to the point where we have no light reaching our planet.”

I was clearly puzzled, but she continued at a rate of knots.

“So now I’m here, but I have a problem! There aren’t any wormholes in this universe, so I have no way of telling my family how to get here so I can’t save them.”, Jessie explained.

“Sorry, what?! Nothing you just said makes sense. Wormholes? Dark energy?” I pinched myself. Was I dreaming? Sadly not.

“Well, a wormhole is a shortcut through space-time. I’ve been travelling through different ones to find the optimum conditions for us. I have travelled through lots of universes for months, but none of them have been suitable. Most of them have too much dark energy, which is essentially anti-gravity, so no matter can form. The other ones have time in reverse, so the entropy is backwards compared to our universe’s. This is the first universe I’ve found where life would be suitable for my species, but the wormhole I travelled here by, collapsed. Because there are no wormholes here, I’m trapped, and can’t tell the people in my universe that it’s safe here.

This is where you come in! I need your help to create a new wormhole!” She finished her story, and gasped for air. I could tell she was worried.

“So... You’re telling me, that you came here from a different universe, through a wormhole, and now you’re stuck here?” I tried to make sense of all this new information.

“Yes, exactly!” she interjected.

“And, now you want me to help you create a new wormhole?”


“But… why me?”

“You’re the exact equivalent of me in your universe! I just figured you would love physics as much as me, and be the perfect companion!”

“Reeaally sorry to burst your bubble, but I hate physics and I don’t have the slightest clue about wormholes.”

“Oh. You hate Physics?”

I just nodded.

“Oh, I know what’s happened! When choosing a career path, did you flip a coin?”


“Were your choices Medicine and Physics?”


“And did it come up tails for Medicine?”

“Yes? How do you know this? This is really weird, Jessie.”

“I did the same thing! I flipped a coin between Medicine and Physics, but mine came up heads for Physics.”

“Okkayy, and?”

“Oh, my goodness, don’t you see?! This is proof of the many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics! This makes it even more important that I get back to my universe and tell them this!”

“Stop using all this physics lingo, I don’t understand anything you’re saying. What’s the many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics? Just speak English, seriously.”

“Sorry! I keep forgetting you don’t love physics like me! You see, the many worlds interpretation states that all histories and futures that can happen will happen. If one event happens in this universe then the opposite of that event will happen in another universe. This is what has happened with us. I got heads for physics and you got tails for medicine. We are living proof that this interpretation is correct! Now, PLEASE say you’ll help me create a wormhole so I can get home.”

“I don’t know much about physics – I’ll be no help.”

“I can teach you! You’ve already learnt about wormholes and the multiverse, you’re basically halfway there! Now come on, there are only two possibilities: yes or no. Which one is it?”

Hesitant, but intrigued. “I suppose I can help you.” Jessie jumped up and down. This was the start of my very own physics adventure.