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The days when we struggled through war or economic crises are long gone. We are also much better at predicting natural disasters, including earthquakes, and prevent their most harmful effects. Even more mundane aspects that were once a daily concern, such as commuting, are now just part of history. Since the adoption of quantum computing, our society has experienced drastic changes that even the more optimistic wouldn’t expect.

Everything began with superposition, the coexistence of all possibilities, the intuitive concept that defied our notion of reality in its early days. After society assimilated its existence as an intrinsic part of the Universe, a series of profound changes took place. To keep this letter short, I can summarize those changes in a single one, our perception of probabilities. We previously thought of probability as related to events happening by chance in our solid and deterministic reality. Then, when quantum computing showed us its power to tackle problems that were once considered unsolvable, we realized that probabilities represent the infinite possibilities that could be manifested by everyone of us, the observers, into reality. This simple change of perspective unleashed a myriad of developments in our society and within each and every one of us.

Our lives were no longer dominated by external factors, as we became aware of the power to decide upon every aspect of our existence, which is an interconnected net of events. This new way of thinking led us to become more responsible and committed with ourselves and our surroundings, including our peers, the artifacts, and the natural environment. Hence, we started using our impressive quantum computers to solve issues that were troubling our society for hundreds of years. Today, we live in a truly sustainable world and cohabit in harmony with every being, if we do not count the sporadic disagreements with family, friends, and other people. Moreover, jobs that were too exhaustive or monotonous were completely automated, and those who dedicated to them are now doing whatever they love and keeping their joy and health, also owed to the advances in medicine. Likewise, every new policy or intended action that we aim to perform can be accurately simulated, and its consequences, even the unforeseen ones, can be determined with accuracy. Most of us do not strive for success and recognition anymore, but cultivate insight and virtue instead. The knowledge society has been replaced by the wisdom society. A holistic perspective has allowed arts, craftmanship, science, politics, and religion to shine with their natural splendor.

There comes the purpose of this letter. We are currently exploring the next frontier in human progress: consciousness. Since scientists demonstrated universal entanglement, which is independent from space and time, we are certain that this Universe is one entity. Then, how is it possible that we can feel individual and separate from the other beings and things? I believe that we are part of a single consciousness, and that every experience we go through is only an expression of its infinite possibilities. This conscious core is then playing around, creating universes and realities at will, and manifesting itself in any way. This theory is no more than speculation, and demonstrating it surpasses my means and understanding… is it correct? Perhaps, someday I will reach that point where there are only two possibilities: yes or no. Then again, what’s beyond?

About the Author: 
A lifetime of passion towards technology has guided my path, along with the curiosity and eagerness for discovery. I believe that quantum computing will foster unimaginable developments. Its principles make me question every aspect of reality, including myself, and has opened my mind like anything else has ever done.