On The Other Side

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"You won't be the same person, Lysander!" The blond sighed as he heard his best friend running after him, pleading him to stop what he was about to do. 

"I'll be fine, Joshua. Stop worrying!" The elder man smiled reassuringly, turning to pet his shorter friend's head. 

The younger didn’t seem to be buying it as he grabbed Lysander's arm when he went to walk on again. He could see the worry in his friend's eyes as he looked down at him, glancing at his hand on his arm. 

"I told you, I'll be fine." He was getting annoyed now, wrenching his arm free from his tight grip and walking away. 

"No one has ever come back from this mission, Ly! Do you seriously think you're so special that the same fate won't befall you?!" Joshua's skin was fading from blue to red as he started to get angry at his irrational friend. 

The other hadn't noticed his teammate's change in emotion, deciding not to turn around in case he got angrier than he already was. 

"Something is on the other side of that transportation wave-" 

"But it isn't stable-" 

"I don’t care! It’s my job to find out what lies in the unknown!" He had turned to see the tears leaking from his best friend's dark magenta eyes – his skin having faded to a deep and unnerving blue colour. 

"So then you leave me, huh? And your family, and our team and all your friends. What about everyone you leave behind, Lysander?! Are we expected to just wipe our memories and make new lives without ever knowing you existed?!" The younger looked as if he was about to burst into a fit of tears, his voice wavering as he spoke. 

Lysander's eyes were wide and he reached out for Joshua's hand, placing it on his chest so he could feel his rapid heartbeat. 

"Me and you, we're like the entanglement theory, yeah? Even if I'm in a multiverse far, far away from here, or lost in the cold emptiness of deep space, I'm always going to be connected to you – and if I get too cold I want to have all the good memories in my head. When we used to be enemies and the first time we met, first time we kissed, said I love you. I would never ask you to forget me, Joshua, because I don’t want you to lose the memories of what we had. But I have to do this, no matter if I don’t make it to the other side alive." He watched his partner's skin grow to be a darker shade of blue and felt the pain in his chest at seeing him so distraught. 

He looked like a wreck. It had been 82 long hours since he told Joshua he would be leaving for the mission. He had yelled and thrown things at him, cried in his arms. His skin had turned over a million different shades of every colour as he couldn’t control his emotions properly in his anguish. Josh knew he had to go and that’s what scared him. He knew he couldn’t talk Lysander out of it and make him stay. 

Joshua pulled his hand away abruptly, shrugging off his partner's other comforting gestures. 

"Leave then. I don’t want to look at you again." 

Lysander frowned, seeing the sadness turn Josh a dark navy colour and reaching forward, pulling him against his chest and ignoring his attempts to shove him off, knowing he himself was stronger anyway. 

"Don’t make me leave like this." 

"Why should I let you leave any other way?" 

"I love you, Joshua." 

"Shut up." The older noticed the pink haze making its way to the surface of Josh's skin, and Lysander found himself able to pull the smaller boy along with him to his transportation pod. 

"There are only two possibilities: yes or no, sir? Are you ready to go?" The controller operator spoke through the speakers, noticing the explorer's Link beside him from his seat in the tech boardroom. 

The explorer looked at Joshua once before nodding to his superior, pressing his lips to Josh's and feeling all of their emotions intertwine before he let go, stepping into the pod and letting himself slip away, watching Joshua stay to see him leave. Lysander faded into small blue particles before skimming through the air, disappearing in a flash of light. 
As Lysander woke up, he found himself in the middle of a forest, the bright beams of an unknown star piercing his pupils and coursing through his brain to awaken him. He groaned in annoyance, sitting up slowly and looking around. Green foliage, that's new. Attempting to stand up, he failed and winced at the pain in his leg, falling to the ground again and seeing that he had a laceration on his calf. 

He sighed, looking around for something to help him only to be startled by a voice from afar. 

"Hey! Are you okay?!" He concentrated on the voice despite the sun irritating him, only seeing a blur of green moving around his leg. 

Soon enough, his vision focused and his breath caught in his throat. 


About the Author: 
I'm a 17-year-old semi-professional writer and I write a lot of sci-fi so I figured this community would be a good one to join. I have a lot of experience in the writing industry despite my young age and hope to become a published author in the future. Bye!