Pandora's Box

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We’ve only heard legends of the time when men used to have countenance as smooth as the mirror and would build toward the heavens, fly alongside birds, watch over everything like The Almighty. Their posterity was limitless for God gifted them with prodigious knowledge. Then men, inspired by their achievement and driven by their arrogance, strove to build a device—by manipulating their knowledge of the elements that made up every single entity of this realm—that would distinguish their need for God. A device that had the power to heal, the power to enable light-like travel, a device that required no labor, no power. An everlasting source of strength that would eradicate all hardship of men from this earth. They say the enemy nations came together and looked after one another, like their own brothers, and built The Box. Celebrations were on their way, for men for the first time in history were united and looking for the glorious years to come. No more years of fighting but brotherhood.
But that didn’t last, for as the scriptures say, the souls of men are easily misguided.
The veils of benevolence were lifted and came out the power-hungry beasts, thirsting for that box to subdue the entire race at their feet. Wars were declared. Men once indulged in the spirit of brotherhood now thirsted for the blood of their own brother. The Box clouded their morality. Bloods were shed, cities were reduced to rubbles, nations used their prodigious knowledge to rain down brimstone and fire upon other nations. The Box that promised to turn earth into heaven rendered it a blazing inferno instead.
God was disgusted by the cruelty of men and punished them by extinguishing all the knowledge and cursed their smooth and shiny faces. From then on, men were born deprived of knowledge and their faces were no longer smooth nor shiny, but blistered and lumpy. A perpetually painful reminder of their sins.
Time then glided like water in stream. Generation after generation came and passed like the night and day. Men never recovered a fraction of the knowledge they once possessed. New nations were formed, new kings were crowned. Kings upon learning that The Box had survived, became eager to find it. All nations since then has been transformed into labor camps. All subjects must toil through the wastelands, that were once prosperous cities, in search of The Box. The power-hungry kings promised half of their kingdom to the finder of The Box.
But all subjects know it’s a fruitless toil. It’s been said that though The Box had survived all the wars and punishments, God, still angry with men, commanded the angels to bury it deep into the earth’s bosom. Never to be found. But that’s a lie. For We’ve found it. Yes, dear reader, we did.
It had found me at a scavenging field. The lights of the setting sun were reflected by this device from the Mirror Age and blinded our eyes. We looked up to see where this agonizing ray came from and saw this device, this Box, sitting on top of a mound of rubbles. When our eayes were locked, this Box whispered to us, “Come, my dear one, Come Pandora, I am what you are looking for. I possess a great power and I choose to share it with thee.”
We wasted no time, for we ran up the mound and opened this greeen, pristine box. Upon opening it, it transferred us from one hill to another hill of rubbles. We were dazzled. Our visage for the first time felt no pain. Then we ran our fingers over our face to discover that our face had turned smooth, like the men of the legend.
We then looked at the box and whispered, “You are Ours.”

Then came the irritating calling from our brother, “Pandora, we’ve just witnessed a miracle! Indeed, you’ve found the box. Now we’ve got to take it to the King!”
That thought started a tumultuous feeling in my heart, causing it to throb with anger. Then sat the sun, and out came night, dropping its sable veils over our eyes. Our dagger started to tremble for it wanted dig through the bosom of our brother and clutch his heart. Should we kill our beloved brother?
There are only two possibilities: yes or no

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