The Portkey

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There are only two possibilities: yes or no. Jess chose yes, she was so excited, this was her first trip by teleport. She was going to go to Mars to complete her dissertation in geothermal habitation, which she called the Traysea. Jess was communicating with a fellow student on the topic who had been on Mars for three months, he would tell Jess fascinating stories about the Martian animals that lived under the rock. Jess wasn’t sure if she was more excited to finally meet Dan, more excited to witness an alien ecosphere on another planet, or her first trip by teleportation. Naturally, Jess woke up three hours before her alarm. She wanted to make sure she was as prepared as can be.
After repacking her suitcase four times Jess thought it best to review the preparation materials. Teleporting could be dangerous if not done correctly. Lightyear Teleporting Company, LTC, had sent a thorough brochure. It was advised for travelers to not eat three hours before teleporting to avoid nausea. Travelers also had to take a pill one hour prior to traveling to ensure their cells come back together as efficiently as possible. The pill was blue with white and brown markings, to resemble the earth. It was also in the shape of a sphere instead of a disc. Jess put it in her pocket. She understood the concept in theory but she still couldn’t understand how her cells could be split up and sent over a light beam to another location, and have them re-ensembled perfectly. In the year 2217 Jess thought we should have been exploring other galaxies by now, but the human race was still exploring its own solar system and galaxy. Life was constantly being found.
Jess knew of at least three intelligent life forms on Mars. Mocci, or the Moccius Canis Lupus were the most intelligent, similar to dogs or wolves in capabilities. Their fur was so dense it was thicker than wool and akin to brillo or a scouring pad. They had two tails and appeared to be a various shades of blue and grey. They didn’t have ears but their faces resembled a wolf’s otherwise. There was an avian creature that kind of resembled a bat, little was known about it. This alien bat was called a Pocky, or Pockus Chipotera. This is what Dan was studying, the Pocky and how they interact with their environment. The third species was a large fish with no gills and no blow hole, a Slippy, or Sllipus Thunnini. It is believed to breathe through osmosis through the water, if it needs to breathe at all. It slips through tiny cracks and crevices. Jess was there to study the Martian geothermal ecosphere, the Traysea, as a whole, so she was going to have to work closely with Dan. The thought of Dan made her heart flutter faster as if she were running. Dan made her heart run marathons at a sprint pace.
Jess did everything she could to keep from thinking about their last encounter. Jess was usually a modest woman, a little on the shy and timid side. Dan made her everything but. When Jess and Dan video chatted she was a different woman, a sassy woman. A confident women. So confident that Jess told Dan about her unrequited feelings for him. They had been communicating in private for over a year and video chatting for six months. They spoke about everything from their studies to their personal habits and fears. Last night, Jess was feeling extra brave and turned their solar chat into solar sex. Words and images kept flashing in front of Jess’ mind’s eye. Thrust, dab, soar, depth, all words that should have to do her travels but these words now gave her a sensation of tingles in a special location and were ingrained in her memories from last night. Jess felt her face blush. Jess tried to pat her face but was taken back by the moisture of her sweaty palms. She needed to get a grip if she expected herself to work with Dan on a professional level. There were other students and scientists there as well. Jess didn’t want to make a fool of herself.
A few hours later Jess, who had already taken her earth like pill, stepped on to the telepad. She had her backpack and suitcase within the perimeter of the portkey. The portkey was the actual object that began the cell dispersal process. Once Jess touched the portkey, her and everything in the perimeter would be taken apart cell by cell and transported to another planet, via solar beam. It sound crazy and Jess imagined it would feel even crazier. She took one last look at the planet she knew and loved. She wanted a mental image to remember but she knew she had a lifetime’s worth already. She put on her oxygen helmet, tried ignoring some more thoughts of Dan, and placed her finger on the portkey.

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