The Project

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Gabriel was anxious. The Boss had given him many tasks before, but none so vast and monumental. The fact that it would change the whole status quo only added to his anxiety. But when the Boss gave you orders, you obeyed. Thankfully, the Boss’s Son would be reviewing his final work. He was less intimidating and more approachable than the Boss.

“Looks like a fine plan, Gabriel”, he said. “Four basic forces both holding and driving everything. From those forces and a few basic particles, you can build up vast and complex structure. Very sublime”

“Thank you”. Gabriel responded, “But that was really the easy part. As you know, your Father wants part of this creation to be self-aware. And not just self aware, but endowed with Free Will. I’m not quite sure if that can be accomplished”

“There can be only one answer, yes or no” The Son replied

“Let me re-phrase”, Gabriel replied, “There is a risk in giving the new beings Free Will. You’ll note how the equations that govern the quantum level of the creation aren’t deterministic, but stochastic. Giving the beings Free Will means they may begin to defy your Father’s will.”

“So, you’re saying they could actually REBEL against my Father!” The Son exclaimed.

“Ultimately, yes. But more importantly, as the new beings acquire knowledge of the laws governing the project, their own sense of Self may hinder the ability to perceive your Father’s will. The governing equations are chaotic. And I know your Father does not like to play dice.”

“So, you’re saying that these beings could become eventually become delusional. My Father wouldn’t like that. Is there any way to assuage the risk?” The Son asked Gabriel.

“At the time of Creation, the beings should be instructed not to inquire too closely into how they came into being. If that fails, I’ve included some guidelines your Father can imbue upon the beings so that some their consciences can eventually join us. However, most of the beings will simply be obliterated, and sooner or later; as the beings run to and fro, and their knowledge increases, the whole system will collapse, and nearly all the beings will become effectively insane.”

The Son replied “If things get that tumultuous, we’ll have to terminate the project”

“That is what I would recommend.” Gabriel replied. “Ultimately, those remaining who perceive your Father will either be corrupted by material concerns or labeled insane by the self-absorbed and self-righteous”

“Right..Right…the laws themselves become a Golden Calf..” the Son replied, “We can’t have the lunatics running the asylum. What do the other seraphim have to say about to project?”

“About two-thirds think it worthwhile.” Gabriel said, “but there is a faction with Lucifer who are against it. They don’t want to have to interact with any new forms of conscienceless.”

“Well, we’re going ahead with it.” Yeshua replied, “My Father loves this Project, but if something goes wrong, he may end up having me crucified!”

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