Quantum Entanglement, An Explanatory Conjecture

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The evidence is incontrovertible, the scientists concur, quantum entanglement is the law. Believe, they shout, as they display their findings. And yet I wonder where can we touch, feel this truth, this law? If it so rules the world, make plain its being. Herein is a story that makes it very real. There are only two possibilities: yes or no.
"I think I can safely say that nobody understands quantum mechanics," so said Richard Feynman. The reality of entanglement is one conundrum. "Spooky actions at a distance," said Einstein.
It's private, hidden behind the four-dimensional door. It's a shared holistic coherence, like murmurating starlings moving as one thing. And it's synchronous, a linked simultaneity transcending distance.
It's photons, electrons, atoms and large molecules, at kilometer distances. Well, we are atoms and a meter or two. In principle we can entangle all things.
So what is private, coherent and synchronous? With synchrony posed for the argument, love, for example, is an intimate emotion, a coherent privacy. So too are joy, greed, charity, fear and on and on. All emotion is coherent privacy.
The following vignettes describe emotional experiences that, in part, appear explained with entanglement.

The Conference
They slowly filled the room, choosing seats. Six or seven staff were on stage. Mary was at one end, Sarah seated next. Bill, slumped in a chair half way back, found himself studying Mary. He watched as she methodically surveyed the group, looking intently and briefly at each of them, one after another. Seeing him, surprised by the mutual inspection, she immediately turned her head right off stage. Sarah noticed at once and saw him too. He persisted, she turned again.
At lunch next day he sat at a round table facing the podium. He was surprised when Mary took a chair across from him. They spoke briefly and paused, momentarily disinterested. Then a notice rose in the front of his chest as a presence was between them. She responded instantly with a crisp rebuff pinned to him. She was aside when he glanced. Sarah joined the table. They shared eyes at the same time where he saw a tiny golden dot in the middle of her pupil, move up and down, away, back, and lower where it ended. Later during the address he saw her face in profile as disappointment crossed.

The Wedding Reception
Weddings are affairs of the heart. A twenty minute drive took Bill and Susan to the reception. At corridor's end they worked through a passage filled loudly with guests entering the ball room. He was drawn to a couple watching the arrivals from across the room when she leaned into her companion while looking at him. Seeing amusement exchanged piqued him. Susan and he sauntered on, speaking to folks, finding the bar. Soon enough the wedding party arrived and with great fanfare the celebration began. They mused awhile and dined with friends. Coming back from the dessert table and rounding a corner he saw the woman from across the room, her back to him, speaking to someone he couldn't see, her friend on the left listening. Ascending a rut he ravished her neck and raked her spine and seized her mons with his mind. She whorled abruptly striding, looking.
What is the nature of a 'presence' and how do we share eyes at the same time? How does lust cross space? If emotion is synchronous then there is premonition in thinking and consciousness is an emotional string of synchronous coherent privacies.