Quantum Faith

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In an instant of introspective awareness obtained by entering the spaceless-timeless,
the entity of the 9 billion names, omnipresent thought, felt overwhelmed. In the multiverse of 11 dimensions, where the universe and anti universe are superimposed sharing the same timeline, and are overlapping with the flexi universe, he reiterated, as on countless occasions, to feel a void that is hardly expected to arise in him: loneliness. How is it possible?
Having established that the basis of existing is part of entanglement among particles of the multiverse, proving to have the infinite capacity to divide and breathe life with free will over the inert matter that molded, converting their thought into their soul, where does this emptiness come from?
The obvious answer was presented: there is no place in the known multiverse for coexistence with another entity equal to him, and he knew it from always. For the first time he felt the need to reject this persistent claim. In an environment where the probability prevails, he saw little credible that the answer is discreet. For a moment he imagined himself to be a quantum zombie, similar to a well-known cat, where there was no need to think that his state of life was limited to: "There are only two possibilities: yes or no". Having awakened in him the hope of reversing the answer, he decides to leave the spaceless-timeless, and for the first time he realizes that there is a growing flow of energy, proportional to the lives given, that increased the beautiful possibility, to the point of becoming a conviction, of not being alone. He wanted to observe the source with care and realizes that his own existence has been questioned by each part of him, before the reality of his immensity and not being corporeal. But what does it allow that despite everything they believe in its existence?
And finally the key answer emerges: Faith. And in that moment he began to Believe.

About the Author: 
Alejandro Figueroa (born June 8, 1960, Caracas, Venezuela) Electronic Engineer / Telematics Specialist