Quantum Genesis

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The biggest misnomers in a quantum universe are phrases like, `Once upon a Time`, `I`ll start at the beginning`, and `Our story begins in/on---`, so I now change these historical faux-pas`s and just say, Read on !

A long, long endless Somewhen Time ago the nothingness got pregnant. Only it knows how. Our 4 dimensional universe fizzed like a shaken bottle of cola into ? From ? Zero became 1,-1, 2,-2 add-infinitum, and fractals where? born(sic).

There was just nothing and everything that existed and did not exist in everything and nothing.

There existed quantum foaminess in more dimensions than infinite probabilities allowed for, and a few billion it did not allow for because those were the ones that existed because of the square root of negative one. There were so many probabilities, and thus universes, that it was impossible to tell whether God existed or did not exist. In billions he did, in billions she did, in billions he did not, in billions she did not and in even more billions the idea did or did not. For convenience let us say the idea of God existed between the infinite un-collapsed probabilities and the finite collapsed ones.

That entity we shall call G∞d with a capital Ghhh!! but feel free to use any name you are comfortable with.

One day G∞d was out surfing a fractal when he thought of the idea of karma, and since thought was creation for G∞d karma became! As soon as the fractal met karma the `wee pop` happened, `wee pops` happened in billions of universes that were not there in timelines which did not exist, before. In billions of technically parallel probabilities, at distances below the Planck length, after a 4 dimensional spaceTime age had past, the mbranes, dbranes and pbranes where `born`. All the branes celebrated by forming the infinite number of surfaces and shapes you get when you cut any straight edge to infinity. Those straight edges being the edges of any shape you can think of, and the ones you can only think of- the square root of negative one, ones. In all those celebrations the number of dimensions grew from non-existent to uncountable and thus open ended mathematics was born. Because numbers were now innate every other discipline and their methodologies were also formed.

G∞d was still surfing the newly created fractal karma so he decided to carry on to the end of this particular set of probabilities and see them play out to a conclusion. G∞d had now slowed down to C. God was also now travelling at C in every direction and in every dimension. Isomorphic G∞d surfed, and as time flowed in this particular 4 dimensional universe, and as he raced ahead, he knew instantly that `Time` in each `wee pop` universe would be finite, limited by the physics of each peculiar 4 dimensional universe, and their `golden means`.

G∞d decided to see where this universe would end. G∞d stepped out of the 4d limits back into ? nowhere and everywhere. G∞d saw the causes and effects that some high priests and priestesses of physics would label `quantum probabilities` and `atomic physics`. Almost uncountable multi-dimensional echoes of G∞d sprang forth from the quantum foaminess and escaped into the multi-verses. Lesser Ghhh-gods and myriads of God-echoes ran free, free to play and create among the fractals. G∞d saw them.

G∞d rolled an infinite number of double sixes and decided to test the minor gods that were in effect his own fractal karmas. To do this he created the Earth. The Earth came out of the darkness, though non-Light is the technical term, and a 4d god moved over its surface. Being the first god on Earth it claimed it, and then called himself G4d. More Somewhen passed. At the edge of whatever, `inflation` met and married `cosmic background radiation` and They remained entwined for the Time of the 4d universe.

In Time G4d became all the gods and goddesses of Earth.

G∞d stepped back into the 4d space and created. In a burst of exponential creationism G∞d created.

This is the version of Genesis that quantum mechanics is telling us exists, and which is also saying all it takes to have a `birth` of equal but totally opposite , then endless cyclical universes is one quark in a space the size of a galaxy, difference. Therefore I think we, and our imaginations, are now the (E)ntropy eating software for the reboot sequences. There are only two possibilities: yes or no, yes we are and God once existed, but might be gone because of the act of birth, or no the universe is (E)ternal and we have been (E)nergy of one form or another for all of endless Time.

`So ? what do you think?`.

About the Author: 
Chris M Doran, very unsuccessful self publishing writer, graduate of Stirling university in sociology and religions, currently editing epubs for gumroad, and falling apart at the physical seams.