A Quantum Leap of Faith

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Sitting across the bar, I notice the pretty proton with the electron spinning around her. I look her quarks up and down, and I don’t see anything strange. I don’t see any other hadrons with her. I have never had a positive outlook when it comes to making connections. I have been to so many different particle accelerators with the hopes of bonding that I’ve lost count. I have my doubts if I should I approach her. There are only two possibilities: yes or no. What have I got to lose? I decide to make my move. I order two drinks. Lucky for me, I’m a neutron so there’s no charge.

“Hello. What’s your name?” I ask.

“Protium,” she replies. I instantly feel a strong force pulling us closer.

“And you?” she says.

“Neutron,” I reply.

“Have a seat,” she says.

We begin sharing information about ourselves. I’m nonlocal, but the more we talk, the more we realize how entangled our existence is. It is as if we have always known each other. The minutes turn into hours and we don’t pay attention to any other particles in the room. The bartender then interrupts us to tell us it is last call. I ask Protium if I can see her again.

“If fate allows it,” she smiles, gets up, and goes out the door.

I order one more drink and contemplate the meaning of our meeting. When finished, I gather my possessions and then I notice that she left her electron. This could be useful. When I grab it, a strange feeling comes over me. I notice my surroundings are not my surroundings anymore. I’m teleported to a hallway with one door at the end. I walk towards it. As I reach for the handle, I hear a car horn and this view dissipates like a dream. I’m outside the bar and someone is yelling at me to watch where I’m going.

Was it a dream, or was it real? It felt like both but it couldn’t have been both, could it? Perhaps it wasn’t my reality, but it was Protium’s reality. I grow happy as I come to this realization that we did make a connection, and now her reality is mine. Maybe we really are entangled, and meant to be together forever. There is only one way to find out. I start walking down the streets and it is as if I already know where I’m going, even though I have never been here before. I make it to a familiar building, even though I have never physically been here. I walk up the stairs and make it to the hallway. At the end is a single door. I walk towards it again. Before I reach for the handle, I look at the electron I’m carrying. This is it. My fate lies on the other side of this door. Will it be the pretty proton I met at the bar? There are only two possibilities: yes or no. I reach for the handle…

There is no longer a neutron in the hall. There is only Deuterium in the doorway.