Quantum Trip

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"Don't watch the game while you drive", said Megan.
"The car's driving!" Bud returned, "Quantum Power, Meg!".
With his eyes still glued to a couple of men running after a ball, his finger pointed to a logo on the control panel. The car hummed in a soft hypnotic tone, while the steering wheel made smooth movements to correct for the wind and approaching potholes. Tall pine trees passed by at 80 miles per hour. A green light on the control panel lit up.
"What's that?" Megan asked.
"SQP! It’s Super Quantum Power..."
From the backseat, Eugene quickly added: "Super-adiabatic Quantum Performance. It means that the car is now generating power at an incredibly high efficiency. It's a quantum many-body effect."
Bud echoed contented: "Quantum many-body effect..." while he looked at Megan, "what do you think about that?"
Megan smiled: "Tell me more about quantum many-body effects, Eugene."
Eugene bravely scaled the ladder of expectation, and formulated as correctly as he could, adapted to the circumstances: "According to quantum mechanics, everything is particle and wave at the same time, so that a single particle can go through two slits at the same time.."
"Hold it, Einstein!" Bud had raised his hand, "Stop right there... Two slits at the same time?" He looked again at Megan, and then burst out laughing.
"Yes," answered Eugene, "but it only works if you don't look."
"Lights out, hon" said Megan.
Bud cracked up. Rick in the backseat raised his can of soda, and was about to raise the volume of the conversation.
Whether it was an unwelcome vacuum fluctuation, or a simple issue of the Heisenberg optimization, no one was able to tell afterwards. A large truck from the opposing lane had suddenly drifted, heading straight towards Bud's van. When Bud had realized, it was too late for the curse to leave his mouth. The moment the truck hit the chrome, QTEP kicked in. Eugene would have been able to tell us the meaning of the acronym: Quantum Tunneling Emergency Protocol. In a split second the superposition took place. Tires screeched, and behind the van, the truck swerved back to its lane. The television screen in the van showed a commercial with grilled meat and dancing lettuce. Bud turned off the screen, and there was utter silence. Megan was the first to react, with a curse. With tears in her eyes she stepped out of the car.

That night, Eugene and Xiaoxiao were sitting in a log cabin, staring through the tall trees at the lake below. In the living room, Bud, Megan, Rick, Stew and Venice were watching a movie. The three dimensional projections had an ultra-high definition, but the wifi was not fast enough to prevent some annoying glitches.

"... so everything that is real, is made up of things that we cannot consider as real" Eugene said.
"I've heard that before" said Xiaoxiao.
Eugene continued, "So all this technology: lasers, semiconductors, nuclear power, quantum computers, quantum efficiency, nonlocal entanglement encryption, our colony on Mars... and nature probably has been using 'quantum powers' for millions of years, in ways we will never be able to understand. Our technology is super cool and powerful, but compared to nature, simple as a samurai sword compared to a Siberian tiger. It’s too bad we can’t stop harming our planet more and more..."
Xiaoxiao interrupted "I’m not so worried. Nature will regrow. I think Nature will outlive us all, all the cool technologies, and amazing theories. Maybe we should learn how to use our natural quantum powers better!”
Her agile optimism made Eugene laugh “That’s it!” he said, “Oh I miss you.” He touched the shape of her image.
“The vacuum isn’t empty!” she replied. After they said goodbye, Xiaoxiao sent a kiss, swiped the iTangle and disappeared.

Megan cursed, "stupid thing!!" and cursed more.
"Just force it" said Venice.
Megan complained, "This microwave!" and pulled the plug.
The Micro Accelerator® stopped humming. Megan tried to rescue a black smoking artichoke dip and burned her hands. She cursed. Venice came to the rescue and asked "are you OK?"
"I hate these micro-accelerators!"
"You shouldn't use them too often" said Venice. "Some people say it is unhealthy when you're pregnant"
"But everyone is using them! Do you believe that?"
"I don't know. Hm, I do feel a bit dizzy, but that must be the carbon dioxide. Better turn on the AC. The weather channel said the levels would be high."
"Does your cell phone still have enough power?"
Bud entered the kitchen. "Smells like nuclear fusion over here!!"
Megan was holding her hand under the tap and cursed the explanation.

Venice welcomed Eugene: "We need you, Eugene. We're watching some weird science fiction movie. You have to tell us if it’s real."
"What’s the title of the movie?" Eugene asked.
"Ehm.. don't know. Lost in translation or something."
"Lost in a wormhole!" shouted Bud.
"Yeah, they’re lost in a wormhole!” laughed Venice.
The room lit up by the three-dimensional projections and 5D surround installation. Stew grabbed a slice of pizza with jalapeño-three cheese fusion.
"Hmm!" he chewed, "love the micro-spallation source!"

The woods grew quiet, as the moon rose over a tranquil lake. A reflection, a silver face, was carried by small ripples that performed an ancient dance.
In one of the cabins the light was still on.
“There are only two possibilities: yes or no!” said Bud, with muscular arm gestures.
“Don’t force it!” pleaded Megan, “it isn’t right! It is destructive. Please respect my uncertainty. I just don’t know.”
Bud suddenly softened his tone, and said with an unusual grounded intention: “I do respect your uncertainty. I should not force the answer, and destroy what I actually want.” Let us stop listening here, and imagine that more convergent words were being exchanged, before the light finally went out.