Quantum War Simulation

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John slowly open his eyes and awake from deep state of meditation when he hear announcement that it is the time for him to lead the World War V. He understand that his sacrifice today will save millions or even billions of life. He is a Q-Person, one of two component of Quantum Computer, and with the Q-Machine, he will conduct the World War V in the form of quantum simulation.

Two things that make the quantum simulation possible, the first is Brain Machine Interface, and the second is the realization that the only quantum computer cannot be achieved without the human brain component. Not all human can be used as component for quantum computer, only Q-Person that is less than 1 in million that have the right brain connection to be able process quantum calculation, but the other can connect with that quantum computer as the client that send the problem and received the solution of the problem.

John was recruited by the quantum committee when he was 10 year old after the result of routine screening online chess competition conducted by the quantum Committee show that his brain is capable processing real multitasking, not the illusion of multitasking that ordinary people had. The moves in his game of chess show that the moves can only be achieve if he calculate all branch of move, and then simultaneous decide the best course of move. A Q-Person that has minimum 2 multitasking processing is enough to be recruited by quantum committee and John had more than 100 simultaneous multitasking processing, the highest known for untrained people.

The Q-Machine is a bit mystery because there is only one in the world, it’s been used for almost one hundred years old from the beginning of Quantum Computer. Only selected scientist from Quantum Committee has the security clearance to know and to operate Q-Machine. It is being hosted in black building in the office of Quantum Committee. All Q-Person will connect with Q-Machine, each one Q-Person/Q-Machine combined will became one quantum computer capable of processing all kind of problem.

Every Q-Person must undergo hard training before can be connected to Q-Machine. The first two year of training is just like ordinary school with but with high mathematical education specially in the topic of probability. The knowledge of probability is needed because in the quantum simulation all is about probability. The third and fourth year of training is focus on using the brain machine interface. The standard interface is an implant at the size of 1 inch square placed at the side of the brain by surgery. In the beginning there are no electrode that poke from implant that penetrate the brain, the implant is floating at the surface of the brain, then slowly more than a million thin wire will grow to all part of the brain. People will not feel pain as the diameter of wire is just a couple atom, and the grow is so slowly that it need one year to complete the growth. In that one year, each wire will connect to other neuron and act as additional synapse for the brain, it always calibrate, calculating and processing all input from the brain and the brain receive output from the interface. Only after one year, the interface can be connected to the outside world just like computer modem. The fifth and sixth year of training is how to connect with Q-Machine. When the Q person think, they subconsciously think problem and all the possible solution, the brain process all path simultaneous, but consciously the person will only aware a couple best path and solution, the decision how they get the solution is mostly hidden. But when connected to the machine, the person saw all path and all solution, consciously calculating all decision, and then choosing the best possible solution.

A Q-Person is capable of doing quantum computation because the neuron in Q-Person brain sometimes can hold one qubit of information. Although only less than 1% of neuron has that capability, it’s still a lot of neuron where each hold one qubit, so it’s is not known what is the limit of quantum processing of a Q-Person. To do Quantum War Simulation, Q-Person and Q-Machine will act as a server, and all of the leader, the military general, the soldier, and the citizen of the country that want a war, will be connected as a client. The input of each client will be sent to the server, the server will calculate all probability of decision, choosing a couple of best path, send to the client, ask new input, and so on. Then at the end of the Quantum War Simulation, the server will show each country condition, how many soldier has die, how much damage of the infrastructure, how much loses, etc. Although there is no real damage, each defeated countries must pay War Indemnity to the winning countries as the consequence of the war, and Quantum Committee get a percentage of that money.

John understand the risk of doing Quantum War Simulation, he always wonder whether he will survive or not, and he know that there are only two possibilities: yes or no, and now John is in coma, all the processing of the path of war has taken to the limit of his brain, the sad memory of millions simulated death has force his consciousness to hidden part of the brain. But John’s brain still capable of doing multitasking processing, and the Quantum Committee will not throw away that brain. John lie in surgery room as a team of surgeon will remove the brain from the his body and put it in a vat, and then his brain will be put in one of the rack at the black building and connected with thousands of other Q-Person brains in the vat inside that building to became the component of the Q-Machine.

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I am a general physician from Indonesia that work as a rural physician in Primary Health Care in East Nusa Tenggara.